Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 5:30pm

Driving Change: Autonomous & Electric Vehicles

MIT Stata Center
32 Vassar Street
MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge

Warning: The future of transportation is closer than it appears

A CleanTech event

‘A transportation revolution is underway and the main question about autonomous vehicle (AV) technology is “how fast are they coming?” The forecast is that AVs are expected to constitute around 50% of vehicle sales, 30% of vehicles, and 40% of all vehicle travel by 2040’
Journal of Modern Transportation, Dec 2016

There has been much discussion of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology and the potential benefits to our everyday transportation lives, but what about the impact of AVs on our infrastructure?  What are the implications on the built environment, and energy?  How will we prepare and what are the opportunities for innovation?

This panel will explore how rapidly evolving technological advances in the transportation sector will impact mobility and energy consumption in urban centers. Specifically, the benefits of vehicle autonomy, vehicle electrification, sharing and scenarios where unintended consequences may bring new challenges.

Moreover, autonomous vehicles may increase safety and provide mobility to those who cannot drive, but that may increase the number of vehicles on the streets, worsening traffic in urban centers and increasing energy consumption.

Join our discussion to learn about the following issues and pose your own questions:

  • How will the grid adapt to enable electric vehicles?
  • Will electric vehicles (EV’s) become an extension of the grid, providing power and battery support? Will this enable new revenue streams and financing models?
  • Are advanced transportation solutions likely to increase or decrease CO2?
  • What can cities do to set a firm foundation for autonomous vehicles, how long might that take in a city like Boston, what steps are involved?
  • Will AV’s involve new ownership models: shared, public, private?


Jane Lappin, Director, Public Policy and Government, Toyota Research

Ryan Chin, CEO, Optimus Ride

Josh Westerhold, Renault-Nissan Alliance Future Lab

Nikolaus Lang, Senior Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

Jascha Franklin-Hodge, CIO, City of Boston

A companion MITEF event to be held in April 6, 2017 will delve deeper into Wireless Charging which could be a key enabling infrastructure technology for electric vehicles. More info coming soon!

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