Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 6:30pm

Data Visualization and Intro to Tableau

GA Boston
125 Summer Street, 13th floor
Boston, MA
General Assembly

About This Class

Fascinated by data visualization but don't have any experience beyond charts in Excel or Powerpoint?

Data visualizations are a critical business tool. This class serves as an introduction to the visual techniques that are often employed when describing, analyzing, and communicating data in a business setting. We’ll start by explaining the role of data visualization in a business setting, and then dive into basic visual methodology. We will cover the basic principles of data visualization, look at how data viz can be used to convey a message, and walk through the process of creating complex, dynamic visualizations.

Come and learn the basics, and get the skills you need to own that next staff meeting, marketing presentation, or business pitch!

Topics we will cover:

  • Excel vs. Tableau - When to use what?
  • Chart selection methodology
  • Labeling, formatting, and coloring for clarity
  • Building charts that can grow over time
  • Adding interactivity
  • Don't start from zero - How to build on existing work?
  • Stretching your skill set further


  • Describe the business value in visualizing data
  • Identify different types of data visualizations and how to use them effectively
  • Learn how to use Tableau to create different data visualizations
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