Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 6:30pm

"Come, Ponents!" Unleash Your Pet Project with Vue

343 Congress Street
Boston, MA
Boston Vue.Js

Did you hear? Boston Vue.js is one of the coolest JavaScript meetups in town!

Our next meetup is in the Chewy offices, and will have a pet theme. Chewy is located on Congress Street, and attendees will want to come directly to the 2nd floor.

Our talks:

🐶 Al Steffen: "Giving your Design System Components a Long Leash" - Learn about Extensible Components and Slots in Vue

😻Peter Lazzarino: "A Birds-Eye Vue of your Design Library with Storybook" - Storybook can be used not only as a tool to improve developer efficiency but also to reduce friction between what the designers expect and what the developers deliver.

VentureFizz Location(s): 

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