Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - 11:45am

Choosing & Managing Your Board: Insights from Serial Board Members

281 Summer street
Boston, MA
The Capital Network

The Capital Network Presents: Choosing & Managing Your Board: Insights from Serial Board Members

The way you choose, run and communicate with your board says a lot about how you run your business and showcases what kind of a leader you are. Understanding who and what your business needs as well as what mentorship and development you need is important – as is the way you build trust within the board.
Remember board meetings aren’t simple business updates – nor are they a chore whose sole purpose is to keep investors satisfied. They are an opportunity for you to extract key insights and expertise: Board members are an extension of your team – they have a vested interest in keeping your company growing and succeeding – and it’s up to you to extract the best out of them.

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