Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 6:00pm

Building a Tech Team: CTOs & Developers - How to Hire, Vet & Keep Them

Workbar Cambridge
45 Prospect Street Cambridge
Boston, MA
The Capital Network
Besides ‘How do I get funded?’ the question TCN most gets asked is: ‘Where can I find good developers?’.
You may have heard that developers and programmers are in very high demand these days which makes finding and keeping them a hard task. If you are looking for a CTO that task can get harder: how can you make sure you have found the right match for your business (now and as you pivot/grow) and as a partner? How can you vet their skills and approach if your background is non-technical? How can you critically think about your hires to build a team and a culture that will serve everyone in the long run?
You might have also heard hiring out / getting contractors overseas in Eastern Europe or Asia is the cheaper option - but how do you find and manage a team like this? Who owns the rights to the work being produced? What impact can that have on your growing business legally and practically?
Join us to discuss all aspects of hiring a technical team and what the short and long-term impact is for you and your business.
Food, Drink & Networking included!

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