Monday, December 18, 2017 - 6:30pm

Branding Fundamentals

GA Boston
125 Summer Street, 13th floor
Boston, MA
General Assembly

About This Class

Having and committing to the right brand strategy goes hand in hand with success, no matter what you’re selling or to whom. The right brand strategy enables meaningful, long-term customer relationships and builds engaged, high-performing teams. Plus, a brilliantly executed brand strategy saves time and money.

As with all things marketing, branding is all about the customer journey. Participants in this session will take a journey of their own: understanding the fundamentals of branding, the three ingredients to an effective brand strategy, and seeing first-hand how their favorite brands come to life.


  • Understand the role brand plays in long-term business success
  • Identify the core elements of a brand strategy
  • Learn how to apply a brand strategy consistently throughout a business
  • See examples of brand strategies in action and make correlations to endeavors or issues important to them
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