Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 4:30pm

Boston Startup Week - Navigating the Boston Tech Scene

Cambridge Innovation Center Boston
50 Milk Street Floor #20 - Lighthouse West Room
Boston, MA
Boston Startup Week

The Boston tech scene is thriving. There are so many companies, so many things to do, and so many people to know. It can be hard to get your head wrapped around it all.

This talk will help simplify it for you. The goal is to help you navigate the Boston tech ecosystem and ultimately answer questions like:

* Who are the VCs making investments and at what stage?

* What are some of the different products being built in the area?

* Who are the anchor companies?

* Who are the up & coming companies in the area?

* What events should you attend?

* Who is on the short list of people you should know or follow?

This event is part of the Hot Industries Track at Boston Startup Week.



Keith Cline VentureFizz

Keith Cline | Founder, VentureFizz

Keith has spent the last 15 years helping grow Boston’s vibrant technology and startup communities. He founded VentureFizz in 2009 to tell the stories of Boston’s successful leaders and fast-growing organizations, and help people make connections through the VentureFizz Job Board, BIZZpages, and Networking Calendar.

Under Keith’s leadership, VentureFizz has grown to become a well respected source for technology, entrepreneurship, and career inspiration in Boston. VentureFizz is home to the most active Job Board in Boston tech, and has hundreds of companies sharing their stories and culture through BIZZpages.

In 2002, Keith founded Dissero, a progressive recruiting firm focused on early to mid-stage venture-backed technology companies. Keith continues to lead Dissero as the company’s principal, and has completed job searches for many of Boston’s most successful technology companies, including ezCater, Brightcove, The Grommet, and TripAdvisor.

Keith has contributed to leading publications on topics related to entrepreneurship and recruiting, including Inc., Forbes, Fox Business News, The Boston Globe, Xconomy and Boston Business Journal.

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