Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 6:00pm

Boston ENET: Sales Models - Online, Inside, and Field Sales - How and When to Choose a Sales Model for Your Startup

Pivotal Labs
145 Broadway
Cambridge, MA
Boston Entrepreneurs' Network (Boston ENET)
Join The Boston Entrepreneurs’ Network (Boston ENET) to celebrate its 26th Anniversary of educating and empowering entrepreneurs during the 2016-2017 program season with a series of programs on entrepreneurship, with event topics crowdsourced from attendees annually. Boston ENET was awarded two IEEE-USA Awards, one for Professional Leadership in 2015 and one for Professional Achievement in 2016.
The Boston Entrepreneurs' Network (Boston ENET)

Sales Models - Online, Inside, and Field Sales - How and When to Choose a Sales Model for Your Startup

The Boston ENET meeting on March 21st is on sales for startup and early stage companies. Our first focus will be to help the founders with the question of how and when to choose a sales model for your startup company.  In that early stage, the goal should be to start to generate sales as soon as possible, with a minimum viable product. This is the first phase of customer discovery and validation, to establish an impactful, value proposition.  As Jack Derby (one of our speakers) has written "At the outset, just focus on selling some stuff for the simple purpose of having customers who are paying you money and from whom you can learn the following: 1) Why they bought your product, 2) How they are using those same products, and 3) What do they want to see in the future, so that you have the ability to work closely with these early customers and determine the financial value that they receive at their companies.

The company will next want to determine a scalable selling platform and a cost-effective sales model.  We will then discuss these three major sales models and the experience of our speakers in applying these sales models in early stage companies: 1) Online - Products that the customer is able to find, determine if it meets their needs, and purchase on their own are self procured, usually online. 2) Inside - Inside sales is when the sale is completed with the sales person and customer interacting remotely.  Driven by technology, inside sales models are being used more frequently in B2B and some higher end B2C transactions. 3) Outside - Field sales, or outside sales, are ‘face to face’ customer sales.  For higher priced, more complex products, cases where there are numerous stakeholders involved in the purchasing decision, consultative sales, or products that need in person demonstrations – visits with the customer are necessary to seal the deal.

Our three speakers are all sales experts used to develop sales for and mentoring early stage companies.  They will discuss getting those first sales, and then, successively when, how, and what sales model or combination of sales models is right for your startup or early stage company.


Time: 6:00 - 9:00 pm, Beverages & Pizza

Where: Pivotal Labs, 145 Broadway, 3rd Floor, Cambridge, MA

Cost: Boston ENET Member Free, Nonmember $10

Contact: Maureen Mansfield, ALM, Alliance Partnerships & Boston ENET Board


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Celebrating 26 Years of Educating & Empowering Entrepreneurs:
The Boston Entrepreneurs’ Network (Boston ENET),
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