Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - 6:30pm

7 Moves to Make 2019 a Financial Success

GA NYC (Manhattan)
10 East 21st Street
New York, NY
General Assembly

About This Event

As a new year begins, you probably spend some time reflecting on what you hope to accomplish... For many, “make smarter financial decisions” tops the list.

Whether it’s setting your accounts to auto save, finally rolling over that old employer 401(k), or spending a few minutes to financially protect your family with life insurance, every great year has to start somewhere.


In this workshop, we’ll address 7 financial moves that’ll make 2019 your best year yet!

1) Goals - this is where it all starts

Figure out what you want to happen this year and create a plan for how to get there Learn how your money personality and relationship with your finances plays a role in how to shape a plan that you will actually follow

2) Grow your income

Tips include how to negotiate a raise, set freelancer rates, and ideas for how to diversify your income streams

3) Spend money on what you value

Create a spending plan that is based on your individual values, needs, wants, and goals

4) Save and invest automatically

Get strategies on why to save, how much to save, and how to save automatically Learn how to save and invest beyond emergency savings

5) Increase your credit score and credit worthiness

Learn the most important pitfalls when it comes to your credit and how to increase your score over the next year

6) Protect your family and loved ones with the right insurance What situations you really need to have insurance (and when you don’t need it), Explore options for life, disability, health, long term care, and renters/home/auto insurance

7) Make sure your money is safe for future generations

How to set up an estate plan (yes, you have one!) to pass on to your heirs with as little court involvement as possible

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