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OrionCKB focuses exclusively on direct response, customer acquisition, and increasing revenue from Facebook, search & other social channels.

Elite SEM

85 West Street, #2 Third Floor
Walpole, MA 02081

Company Overview

OrionCKB helps advertisers drive real, profitable growth from their customer acquisition and retention efforts. With an exclusive focus on direct response advertising, OrionCKB is a performance marketing agency that provides strategy, optimization, and data-driven analysis to maximize ROI and increase revenue from Facebook, Instagram, search and other digital advertising channels.

Whether your goal is massive scale, aggressive customer or user acquisition, an overflowing lead funnel, or more sales than you could dream of, we know the approach to take on Facebook and other channels that maximizes every dollar you spend better than any other agency.

And we don’t stop there.

We take that next step to identify and convert the highest quality individuals to drive long-term value for your business:

  • High lifetime value customers that place larger orders more often

  • More targeted users that fit the profile of your most engaged members

  • Higher quality leads that turn into your ideal subscribers, enrollments and clients

  • More downloads, more installs, more in-app purchases


When you work at OrionCKB, you work with some of the smartest, most driven digital marketers out there today. Our company growth proves that.

What’s our secret? We don’t hire for a sparkly resume or the eloquent use of marketing doublespeak. A pedigree doesn’t matter to us any more than it is indicative of possibility.

Our approach comes from the gut: We hire hungry, dedicated people who love to learn and love to succeed.

Our team has decades of experience in marketing – performance, SEO, consumer, B2B, PR – and non-marketing disciplines – math, risk management, product management, finance – you name it, we’ve been there.

Think you’d fit in with a crew who values teamwork, accountability, and creativity? Apply to one of our openings and we'd love to chat. 

Carlos Cashman
Founding Managing Partner + Co-CEO

One of the biggest things we look for is people who both work hard and play hard. We love to have fun, but we also care about getting the work done and getting it done excellently. We look for people who want to DO, who agitate for more, and who love being part of a hardworking team."

Yianni Kotsalidis
Senior Ad Optimization Specialist

At Orion, you're entrusted with a lot of responsibility when you earn it. No matter what your age is, your output really dictates what you get to do here."

Stephen Plesko
Senior Ad Optimization Specialist

We have such a great group of people here that we hang out on the weekends and somehow don't get sick of each other."

Hunter Jones-Volpi
Ad Optimization Specialist

I never feel like I have to go it alone. Everyone here always has my back and is willing to jump in and help."

Amanda Oliver
Content and Brand Strategist

I'm allowed to let my creative flag fly. I can be a little salty in our blog and it's not only accepted, but encouraged, since it reminds people we're human."




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