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Elemental Machines Company Overview

From early research and discovery to manufacturing, everyone in biology and chemistry-based industries knows that the physical environment can affect the entire product lifecycle. What they don’t know is exactly how, or the cumulative cost of not knowing -- higher R&D expenses, slower time to market for innovative products and life-saving therapies, yield loss during manufacturing, and more.

With a deep understanding of these issues, Elemental Machines is delivering unprecedented insight into complex processes, helping customers refine and accelerate their work across all phases of product innovation.

By gathering and synthesizing environmental data into actionable information, the Elemental Machines Sensory Network™ provides critical insights that improve transparency, repeatability and outcomes, and save customers time and money.

Track contextual variables (temperature, humidity, air pressure and light) in the research lab or monitor critical equipment performance (freezers, refrigerators, ovens, and incubators) for easy access to performance data, as well as alerts if readings are out of range.

Jobs at Elemental Machines

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Elemental Machines is seeking an experienced Software Test Engineer to be responsible for creating and implementing testing for all components of our system including: dashboard software, data ingestion/analysis pipeline and hardware components. Testing will include manual end-to-end functional testing and automated regression testing to ensure high level of quality for usability, compatibility, security, accessibility, and performance. Primary job responsibilities will include the following: Perform regular manual testing for product feature development to help team maintain high...
Software Engineering/QA
Elemental Machines is looking for an experienced Front End Developer. The Front-End Developer is a key contributor to Elemental Machines IoT and Connected Lab platforms. You will be an integral part of the product development team, working closely with Product, Design and Engineering to deliver superior product experiences for our customers, accelerating the pace and reproducibility of science-based industries. Candidate must be creative, willing to innovate, and possess interest and aptitude to succeed in a startup environment. Ability to work independently, read the needs of the...
Software Engineering/QA
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