Devoted Health is a new healthcare company looking to improve the lives of seniors in America. We are guided by a deep belief that every senior should be treated like we would treat a member of our own family: with loving care and a profound commitment to their health and well-being.
With aging demographics and rising health costs, this is an industry and problem space that needs today's best talent working on solutions with high integrity and a long-term view. We will improve the lives of seniors by helping them navigate the health care system, by utilizing world-class technology and data to enable a simplified experience, by partnering with top providers for better health outcomes.
We are building a stellar team to drive towards our starting point goal to launch a Medicare Advantage plan and clinical services in 2019.


Calling all big thinkers with big hearts.

Do you love teaming up with smart people to solve challenges, big and small? Are you unafraid to try, fail, then try (and try) again? Well, then you've come to the right place.

At Devoted Health, we're doing something that hasn't been done before. We're creating the type of health insurance we wish we had. Our Medicare Advantage plans are easy to use, affordable, and designed to keep our Members feeling their very best.

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Our team's made of creative, thoughtful, kind people from all backgrounds. Not just healthcare. And we're guided by 4 core values.

Members first

Our Members are our #1 priority. Our work puts them first.

Resilience matters

Setbacks don't discourage us. We bounce back and keep going.

Speed wins

We set clear goals. Get them done. Then repeat.

It takes a team

We build diverse teams and believe that we do our best work together.

Comprehensive health plan
401K retirement plan
Generous vacation and holiday time
Lyra mental health resources
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