ReversingLabs Raises $25M Series A Round
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
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ReversingLabs, a leader in enterprise-scale, real-time file analysis and classification, today announced it closed a $25 million Series A Round. The funding round was led by Trident Capital Cybersecurity and JPMorgan Chase. Sean Cunningham of Trident Capital Cybersecurity will join the Board of Directors at Reversing Labs.

Founded in January 2009, ReversingLabs addresses a blind spot in organizations’ cyber defenses by providing a unique solution that classifies all files by their internal attributes at enterprise-scale. The ability to inspect all files - from email, web or other sources - enables customers to identify threats, similarities to known malware and customized attacks. ReversingLabs has attracted enterprise customers, security vendors and technology partners worldwide, as well as a number of financial institutions and leading-edge technology companies, including JPMorgan Chase. ReversingLabs has been self-funded since inception... READ MORE