At CloudHealth Technologies, we’re redefining cloud management and simplifying how companies manage their most critical asset. Unite and automate your cloud with a flexible, scalable, platform built to save serious time and money.

CloudHealth delivers the detailed analysis and reporting that enterprises need in order to make faster, more confident decisions around cost, usage, performance and security. It provides best practices and recommendations to optimize cloud and hybrid environments, make ongoing improvements and implement rock-solid governance practices to scale seamlessly. CloudHealth dynamically optimizes cloud management with unparalleled visibility and intelligent automation that simplifies day-to-day operations, maximizes return on cloud investments, and helps businesses work smart amid increasing IT complexity.

With CloudHealth, enterprises and MSPs can control “cloud chaos” by visualizing, analyzing, and optimizing their cloud usage. By providing deep insight into capacity planning, resource optimization, resource automation and historical trends, CloudHealth enables stakeholders -- ranging from C-level executives to engineers, cloud specialists, architects, IT directors and LOB managers -- to improve performance and drive value throughout their cloud ecosystems.

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It takes the right team and working environment to build a great company. 

The key to our success is our culture! We're maniacally focused on building the organization around six principles that are at the core of everything we do:

  • Focus on the Customer
  • Care about everything we do
  • Go for game changing innovation
  • Make a business impact
  • Communicate transparently, share and set expectations 
  • Maintain your sense of humor

Get an inside view on our hiring process with a blog post from CloudHealth Technologies CEO Tom Axbey