Clavis Insight

Clavis eCommerce Insight is the Industry leader for Online Store Analytics. We deliver data, analysis and insights to enable consumer goods brands to track and optimize their online channel presence and performance.

Clavis Insight

46 Farnsworth Street, 1st Floor
Boston, MA 02110

Company Overview

Clavis Insight is a leading provider of cloud-based eCommerce Intelligence and Online Store Audit solutions for manufacturers. With Clavis' easy-to-use eCommerce Insight solution, your organization can gain invaluable intelligence about the online channel in order to optimize your presence in online stores and increase annual digital channel sales by as much as 30%. 

Just as you would perform retail audits in bricks & mortar stores, Clavis does the same for the eCommerce world, "visiting" online stores selling your products, and providing unprecedented intelligence and analysis about your product information in these stores. Our customers include some of the largest consumer goods companies in the world such as Barilla, General Mills, Kimberly Clark and Unilever. Clavis enables them to identify issues and take action to improve product integrity, visibility and availability in leading online stores.

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