City of Boston - Department of Innovation & Technology

We engage, empower, and improve life for residents in the City through technology.

Our team makes sure the networks, computers, and systems that support the City are secure and effective. We also manage the City’s websites and technologies focused on service delivery. Our department is led by Jascha Franklin-Hodge.

City of Boston - Department of Innovation & Technology

1 City Hall Square, Rm 703
Boston, MA 02201

Company Overview


The “technology stack” is what makes the City’s foundation for communication. This includes devices, connectivity, servers, and software. The stack is essential to all government operations. In the 21st century, it’s as essential as electricity and roads.

City of Boston departments demand better tools and technology. We treat City employees the same way we treat residents and focus on their needs. Instead of struggling with old technology, City workers can get residents the help they need.

As technology changes, so do the needs of Boston residents. We need to offer services that run smooth, and meet expectations. New ways for communicating also offer new ways for residents to get involved with the City of Boston.

By using data, we can focus our time and money on areas of the City of Boston where the aid is needed the most. Data and analytics can improve transparency, and keep track of our progress on projects for the City.

Boston needs to be a place where everyone has options for affordable and fast broadband, and a chance to grow their digital skills. A more connected Boston also creates a more equal, innovative, and prosperous City.

"The most sobering thing about my time in government is to really understand on an emotional level that this country belongs to you and me and it is exactly as good as we make it. Grownups are not going to fix it for us and billionaires are not going to fix it for us. We either do it ourselves, or nobody does." - Mikey Dickerson, Administrator of the U.S. Digital Service. 





December 31, 1969
The Boston Tea Party Reenactment celebrating the 244th anniversary of this historic event, the North End Christmas Parade and the Hannukah Vehicle Procession will impact traffic and parking in the City of Boston on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday, December 16, 17 and 19, 2017.  Those attending these events are encouraged not to drive their personal vehicles.  Information on Hubway, the regional bike-share service, may be found at and information on the MBTA may be found at www....
December 31, 1969
BOSTON - Thursday, December 14, 2017 - Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced the members of the 2018 Mayor's Youth Council, a group of 85 high school-aged youth committed to improving their communities and empowering other young people in the City. The Mayor's Youth Council (MYC) advises Mayor Walsh and members of his administration on policy and programming, and were selected following an extensive application and interview process.   "Boston's young people have a unique voice and perspect...
December 31, 1969
As part of the Walsh Administration's commitment to improve schools, Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced a set of milestones reached in the improvements being made to three schools in the Boston Public School system. The three schools include: Carter School, Boston Arts Academy and the Josiah Quincy Upper School. The Walsh Administration has put a renewed focus on maximizing the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) as a resource for improving facilities. Since 2014, the City has secu...
December 31, 1969
Boston Landmarks Commission (BLC) received a complete application from Jacob Simmons with 5050 LLC to demolish the church located at 50 Cedar Street in Roxbury, MA 02119. We will post each Demo Delay application to provide the public with information about proposed demolitions as early as possible in the Article 85 process. BLC staff has ten days from receiving an application to make a determination about historical, architectural, cultural or urban design significance. If you have input abou...
December 31, 1969
Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture, in collaboration with the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Advancement and the East Boston Greenway Council, today announced a mural honoring immigrant grandmothers has been completed in East Boston.  The mural, painted by the Mayor's Mural Crew Director Heidi Schork and three assistants, was the third installment of murals dedicated to immigrants in Boston. It was spearheaded by the Mayor's Office for Immigrant Advancement as part o...

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