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Catch Company Overview

Catch is creating a new safety net that is accessible, affordable, and effective.

The future of work looks different. People are opting out of the traditional 9 to 5 in favor of more flexibility and freedom. Getting benefits from an employer often no longer makes sense, and staying covered on your own is more difficult than ever before.

At Catch, we’re redesigning benefits for the people. No middle man. No rigid terms. You can set up and customize your own plan based on what you need. We use technology to track your income, prepare for the unexpected, and make sure you’re protected today and in the future. Taxes? Handled. Health Insurance? Covered. Retirement? You’re on your way.

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Gig workers need health & benefits - Catch is their safety net

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Catch is creating the first personal, portable benefits platform built for the future of work. We serve people who don't get benefits from an employer: freelancers, contractors, gigsters, part-time and other non-traditional workers who need a safety net. Were looking for driven and mission-forward people to help us reimagine the tax, retirement, and health insurance systems in the U.S. to be simple, modern, and integrated. Our Engagement & Support Team makes it easy for our users to manage their safety net and informs our product team and roadmap of what our users need most. You are...
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