Catapult empowers elite coaches globally with scientifically-validated metrics for the advancement of athlete performance. The company engineers wearable technology that provides objective information behind athlete risk, readiness and return to play. Born out of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and a scientific research organization, Catapult now works with over 3,200 elite teams and institutes around the world and is based in Australia, the US and the UK.

We offer software, analytics and services that enable sports organizations at all levels to better scout, recruit, teach and win. Our products can be found internationally at practice facilities and arenas, in meeting rooms and on the road, serving premier teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, NCAA and more.

At the heart of our continued growth and success is our employees. Our experienced team, comprised of the industry's brightest minds, is equally as passionate and competitive as the organizations we are proud to call our partners.

Catapult Group International Limited (CAT) is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

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At Catapult, we're about more than just unleashing the potential of our customers. We strive to provide opportunities for growth, camaraderie, and excitement for our team members.


Our culture is simply how we do things when no one is watching. It's not just how we show up on gameday, but also how we act in the locker room. It's how we deal with setbacks, from offseason to postseason. This culture is fueled by what drives us: Our Values. Values are integral to any successful team, and Catapult is no exception.

  • Values
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Our values represent who we are when we are at our best and should be something we strive to embody every day. They represent how we talk and act, how we learn and grow together, and what criteria we use to define success and failure. They are our connection to our customers and are unique to our organization. Our values underpin Catapult’s culture and provide the context for everything we do, especially as the team continues to grow globally. It’s not just something that we have created out of thin air - these values already exist in our organization and are something that every person in our organization has the ability to exemplify in their work and connections to peers and clients. They are unique to Catapult’s culture, our heritage, and our growth ambition.







We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment where our employees feel like they are a vital part of our team. We work, learn and grow together, and continuously endeavor to create a global community that represents, and therefore better understands and connects with, the diverse teams and athletes we work with and the diverse countries we work in.

We believe that it is a journey to become an inclusive organization and that that journey starts with awareness and empathy. We constantly strive for ways to listen and learn, with a goal to be the best global community we can be where all employees feel a deep sense of belonging. This is not a check-the-box fix or a one-time solution - it is a constantly evolving aspiration that requires continuous attention and care from all employees at every level globally.

A global community that empowers all employees to bring their true authentic selves to work and unleash their full potential.



With WAC, we can UNLEASH THE POWER OF DIVERSITY by enabling employees to turn their differences in thought, behavior, skills, knowledge, and talent into innovative ideas and practices that can drive a company forward.

Our Mission is to cultivate an inclusive environment where women at Catapult are given the tools and resources to unleash their full potential.


We recognize the various and growing pressures of life and the fact that for us to succeed, we will support each other daily in ensuring that those pressures are properly managed. We believe that our minds need to be as healthy as our bodies and we are committed to ensuring we have the tools needed for that to happen.

We believe that this journey starts with a safe, honest, and transparent environment. Our colleagues must feel safe enough to speak, to be vulnerable, confident enough to never feel judged, alienated, or insecure about anything they are going through. The level of focus given to Mental Health will reflect the truth about how we value our colleagues, and therefore our company.

This is not a check-the-box fix or a one-time solution - it is a constantly evolving aspiration that requires continuous attention and care from all employees at every level globally. With the separation lines blurred between the “office” and “home” more and more every day, our commitment to this goal needs to be even greater than ever before.