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Carbon Relay Company Overview

Carbon Relay is a well capitalized start-up with software solutions which help large enterprises overcome their most pressing operational challenges.  

Carbon Relay is harnessing breakthrough technologies in machine learning and deep reinforcement learning to bring about significant efficiencies to Kubernetes deployments, well beyond monitoring and alerts. Within data centers, we align with your company’s ESG initiatives and dramatically reduce both energy spend and carbon emissions by up to 5x the current available solutions.

Jobs at Carbon Relay

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We are looking for an experienced Community Manager who is passionate about Kubernetes and DevOps to join our team.  As our first open source community manager you will be responsible for building and managing Carbon Relay’s open source presence, planning and organizing events, and engaging the open source community. This role will provide you with a unique opportunity to impact the success of the company and to grow your career at a fast pace. If you are a tech-savvy professional with experience working with open source, developer, and/or DevOp communities and have a passion for...
Software Engineering/QA
We’re looking for experienced Go software engineers that also have experience working with and extending Kubernetes (CRDs, Operators, Scheduling, etc). As a software engineer at Carbon Relay you’ll help build products that bridge the gap between software engineering and data science. Our products help our customers using data science-enabled applications without needing a data scientist. As a software engineer at Carbon Relay you’ll build products that are integrated with Kubernetes clusters which enable customers to automatically configure their applications for the ideal balance of...
Software Engineering/QA
45 Bromfield St
Boston, MA 02108
3100 Clarendon Blvd
Arlington, VA 22201

Who we are

Founded in 2015 and based in Boston and Washington DC, Carbon Relay is a team of world-class data scientists, industry experts, and software engineers. Early on, we operated as an AI-focused R&D lab and then shifted to stealth mode while we completed the first commercially available versions of our  products. 

Our team members have two main traits in common. The first is strong respect – awe, really – for the power of AI to solve complex problems. The second is a passionate commitment to the environment. These two traits are woven throughout our company, our products, and everything we do.

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