Cantina Consulting is a strategic design and development agency in Boston, MA that helps organizations harness the power of design and technology to create experiences that matter. With expertise in product and service design, experience strategy, mobile and web development, and delivery enablement, Cantina is a trusted partner for Fortune 500 companies and high-growth startups in all major industries. Cantina works with some of the largest and most innovative companies on the planet, collaborating on projects in health & life science, Fintech, sports innovation, AR/VR, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Cantina will help you find opportunities for innovation and growth, as well as design, develop, and deliver digital products and services that improve people's lives and enhance the human experience.



At Cantina we’re more than coworkers; we’re a community. We frequently organize events and gatherings, from our TechBark dog-friendly event to our hands-on Spark meetups where we learn about connected devices together.

Many Cantinistas bring their hobbies and outside interests to work with them. We love to share our interests with each other, including photography, cooking, sound engineering, woodworking, and more. We believe that loving where we work is core to designing and building great products and services for our clients.


Cantina is all about its people. To come up with game-changing ideas for our clients, we hire bright, talented, and enthusiastic people. We support them by providing competitive pay and benefits, an inclusive and affirming culture, and opportunities for accelerated career growth in a stimulating environment. We also get out of our peoples’ way so they can do their best work by limiting bureaucracy and a formal management structure; and fostering a rich learning environment where anyone can take the lead. Cantina encourages collaboration across the company and strives to make everyone feel included in its success.


We work hard and enjoy what we do. We also enjoy spending time with family and friends, and for this reason, we encourage all of our employees to live full and meaningful lives outside of work.

  • Values
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
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Be Humble

Ask Questions

Experiment Often

Fight Mediocrity

Help Others

Listen Carefully

We believe that creating a positive future, through change and innovation, requires a broad understanding of the human experience. Our commitment to inclusivity, equity, and openness to varied perspectives, is key to our learning, growth, and shared success. By bringing your unique experiences to Cantina, we are building a better environment and solutions for everyone.

We believe diversity makes us a stronger and more effective organization, and people of all genders, races, sexual orientations, religions, ethnicities, abilities, ages, marital & parental status, veteran status, countries of origin, and economic backgrounds have a place in our community. To this end, we endeavor to create an inclusive community at Cantina, promote equal opportunity for all people, and strive to be a leader in this frontier.

401k plan & match
Commuter benefits
Competitive salary
Flexible vacation policy
100% paid health insurance
Performance bonus
Social outings
Unlimited snacks