51 - 100 employees
No outside funding
Big Data & Analytics

Cambridge Semantics Inc. Company Overview

The vision for Cambridge Semantics is to provide our customers with an open standards based semantic layer along with an enterprise scale information fabric as an overlay that manages common access to all of their organization’s information assets. The implementation of an Anzo Smart Data Lake solution is the first step that a customer can take towards this goal. We regularly help our customers to achieve what initially may seem impossible or perhaps just impossibly impractical, by deploying our multiple breakthrough data management and analytics technologies.

Jobs at Cambridge Semantics Inc.

One Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108

As a leading provider of Semantic middleware, we are dedicated to addressing the needs of our customers and to creating deep, lasting relationships among customers, partners, and colleagues. These lasting relationships start right in our office, which has an open floor plan that fosters collaboration and creativity within and among teams.

When you become part of the CSI family, you will have access to perks such as partial ownership in the company, 'take what you need' vacation time, and a relaxed dress code (among others)! Our focus on work-life balance and keeping the employee experience human is what makes CSI a great place to work!

VP of Engineering
"Working at Cambridge Semantics is like getting the best of both worlds: a dynamic, exciting startup environment along with a maturity that comes from having an established product and a leadership team with deep enterprise roots. Our engineers have been working on new ways to handle big data since before it was even a buzzword. I love being able to work on introducing ground-breaking technologies while also personally getting to experiment with the latest and greatest tools across the industry. Our flexible, open culture means there are incredible opportunities to have your voice be heard regardless of role or experience. Whether your interests lean towards front-end development, back-end, data science, you name it, there's a role for you in our rapidly growing team!"
Documentation Lead

"Working at CSI is fun, dynamic, and challeging. No two days are the same, and I learn something new by the hour, not just because the CSI solutions are complex but because the semantic web concepts and problems that the products solve are complex, interesting, and applicable to our virtual lives."

Field Architect

"I've been taken care of since I first started as an intern at CSI. I've put my heart into my work, but I've also been given all of the support I needed to thrive, and all of my contributions have been recognized."

Software Engineer

"Even in the interview process it was clear that this is a place where the company values aren't just words on a page -- there's a real culture of trust and inclusion that makes you feel heard and valued. And the semantic technologies we work with are full of potential; there's always something interesting to work on!"


September 19, 2019
Regardless of the use case for which it is deployed, the Internet of Things is largely based on machine generated data. Technologies involving sensor data, data streaming, and uninterrupted data transmissions typically stem from machines, which may be as simple as a thermostat or as complicated as equipment assets in the Industrial Internet....
August 26, 2019
Realizing the vast, largely untapped potential of the Internet of Things involves more than simple equipment asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, and accumulating distributed sensor data in the cloud....
August 14, 2019
In the epic poem by British poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, sailors stranded at sea blame their torment and thirst on an ancient mariner after he shoots an albatross for sport. Believing they are cursed by his actions, the sailors lament, “Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink”, and hang the albatross carcass around the mariner’s neck as penance....
June 11, 2019
In our webinar "Should a Graph Database Be in Your Next Data Warehouse Stack?" AnzoGraph’s graph database guru Barry Zane and data governance author Steve Sarsfield explore the trend of companies considering multiple analytical engines. First, they talk about how graph databases fit into the data warehouse modernization trend. Then, they explore how certain workloads can be better served with an analytical graph database and wrap up with some insightful Q&A. Here are...
May 13, 2019
Today, we announced that AnzoGraph™ is now available on Kubernetes. By deploying in the Kubernetes environment, you can easily define and install our Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) graph database in cluster on-demand to meet the scale and size of the data. Should those needs change, you can quickly spin up and down AnzoGraph clusters with the latest versions. We think that by integrating AnzoGraph in a microservices architecture, it represents a game changer for database deplo...