By: Colin W. Barry | April 24, 2019
We connected with Curt Wright, VP of Engineering at Cambridge Semantics, to get an inside look at the company's engineering team. Wright also went into lots of details about the company’s technology, the various projects, the team's culture and more.
By: Colin W. Barry | April 24, 2019
Harvard Business School's New Venture Competition came to an end last night. Here's our recap of the event featuring a slideshow of all the companies that participated, including the winners.
By: Colin W. Barry | April 23, 2019
The bar for company offices has just been raised!  Check out DraftKings' new offices in Boston.

BizzPage Spotlight

Tufin® is the leader in Security Policy Orchestration, enabling enterprises to centrally manage, visualize and control security policies across hybrid cloud.

By: Colin W. Barry | April 22, 2019
One recurring question we ask for the VentureFizz Podcast is "What advice can you give to first-time founders for raising capital?" We've compiled some great advice and tips from previous podcast episodes.
By: Keith Cline | April 22, 2019
On this episode of The VentureFizz Podcast, Keith Cline interviews Mark Gally, CEO at Zaius.
By: Colin W. Barry | April 19, 2019
Here's your look at the latest hires and promotions across the Boston tech community at Chewy, CozyKin, GreatHorn, Starry, DraftKings, Wellframe, and Mavenlink.

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Seismic is the leading global marketing and sales enablement solution.

By: Keith Cline | April 18, 2019
We spoke with CozyKin’s Co-Founder and CEO Jeremy Au to learn more about the company and what inspired Au and his co-founder want to help new mothers. Au also went into detail on what the company is working on.
By: Colin W. Barry | April 18, 2019
HomeProvider Co-Founder Richard Saccone had a chance to connect with us to talk about the company and his own entrepreneurial background. He also went into detail on how the app works and how it’s assisting local homeowners and service providers.
By: Samantha Costanzo Carleton | April 17, 2019
Over the course of 15 years at Eze Software, Sarah Hill has worked her way up from QA analyst to her current role as Director of Project Management and Proposals. Samantha Costanzo Carleton interviews Hill to discuss her career, stress management tips, accomplishments, and more.