BondLink is a venture-backed financial technology company developing solutions for issuers in the approximately $4 trillion municipal bond market. BondLink’s software includes a cloud-based investor relations platform for issuers to communicate directly with bond investors. Enhanced transparency to investors is supported by market regulators, investors and investor groups like the NFMA, rating agencies, and issuer associations such as the GFOA.

BondLink clients have experienced first-hand what academic researchers and corporate CFO’s have been saying for years: more timely reporting of credit data to bond investors reduces uncertainty premiums and leads to lower financing costs. We’re proud to partner with issuers to reduce their borrowing costs and diversify their investor bases by attracting new investors, as that allows more public funds to be redirected to other critical needs like public education, healthcare, and infrastructure spending.


BondLink employees are at the forefront of technological advancement in the muni industry, driving the company’s mission to improve the transparency and efficiency of state and local governments.

Imagine having the ability to disrupt a $4 trillion market; it’s hard work but extremely rewarding. Our efforts drive technological advancement in the municipal space, helping governments run more efficiently. BondLink is a passionate, collaborative, inclusive and fun-loving team, and we’re always looking for talented individuals to join us in our mission. 

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A passionate, driven team

With a unique mission, BondLink employees are truly effecting change every day. Our team is dedicated, talented and driven, and with no bureaucracy, employees feel empowered and entrepreneurial. We nurture great ideas, welcome changes to the status quo and work together to ensure BondLink’s success.

Enjoy true work-life balance

With remote working capabilities, flexible schedules and team events, BondLink ensures employees appreciate their life at work as well as their life outside. We work hard, but we enjoy our time together with events such as Red Sox games, curling tournaments, and team happy hours. 

Competitive Salaries
Unlimited Vacation Time
Volunteer Time
Fully Paid Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage,
Flexible Spending Account