April 13, 2016
Working In Boston Tech: PatientPing

Today in our Working in Boston Tech series, we hear from the team at PatientPing in Boston.

PatientPing is a fast growing healthcare startup which recently raised $9.6M in funding from Google Ventures, FPrime Capital, First Round Capital, and SV Angel.  The company's product connects healthcare providers across the coutnry with real-time notifications when their patients receive care anywhere.

Make sure you check out PatientPing's BIZZpage for their job openings, as they are hiring across all functions in the company.

What is it like to work at your company in terms of your culture?

PatientPing has a collaborative, kind, and energetic culture. Our team relies on one another for support and feedback and have great respect for the work we are accomplishing. We care a lot, we laugh a lot, and we get things done.

What’s the best way to get a job at PatientPing?

Lindsay Simpson, our Talent Acquisition Manager would love to hear from you! Check out our careers page at or our BIZZpage on VentureFizz and let her know if there’s an opportunity that sparks your interest - she’ll connect you from there!

What can someone expect during the interview process?

During the interview process, we want to get to know you. But it’s just as important that you get to know us, too! Our interviews are structured so that you get a sense of our organization, our mission, our people, and how your role contributes to PatientPing’s success. 

What can people expect over the course of their career at PatientPing?

By working on the ground floor of a rapidly growing company, there are a ton of opportunities to take on new challenges and roles. We give you the autonomy to build something with the support of an incredible team and an opportunity to learn from world-class investors and advisors. 

We recognize our employees’ thirst for knowledge and provide opportunities for development.  We host bi-weekly team-led product demos that give insight into individual projects, goals, and progress that leave us inspired by new ways of thinking and tackling problems. We also encourage our team to constantly be learning through cross-departmental collaboration and outside resources such as meet-ups and training sessions. 

Are there any favorite activities that the employees do outside of the office? 

We love to hang out as a team! 

Catherine, our Team Lead, organizes our monthly team outings and plans an amazing itinerary!  We recently went to Boda Borg, which was a super-fun team-building experience. We also host periodic game nights where we all wrap up work early and just enjoy a board game, some friendly competition, and a beer. We also love to get lunch and coffee together. When it's nice we just sit and hang out by the water! Fresh air does wonders for creativity and productivity. Some of our employees also love to bake. Lindsay, our Talent Acquisition Manager, makes a mean banana nut bread. Melissa, our Marketing Manager, loves to experiment with cookie recipes. It makes our Monday team check-ins that much sweeter!  We also have many employees that volunteer outside of work as mentors and teachers. It's really awesome to see how involved everyone is in the community.

There any fun facts or unique stories that you can share about PatientPing or individuals that work there?

We have multiple (multiple!) salsa dancers, an ultramarathon runner, a 'Friends' fanatic (who also happens to be ranked in the top 50 globally for 'Friends' trivia), as well as a chess champion. 

What TV or movie would best describe the working environment and employees at PatientPing?

If I had to choose, it would be Pitch Perfect. Not only is this movie practically a classic, but it also reminds us of PatientPing since we value achieving a shared goal above all else.

Do you have any unique benefits or perks? 

Our goal is that our team achieves a strong work-life balance. To do so, we offer a flexible schedule and understand that not everyone does his or her best work at the same time of day. We recognize that time off is important to stay energized and productive, so unlimited paid time off is one our benefits offerings. Whether it’s time taken to travel, relax, and/or hang out with friends and family, we got you covered.  In addition we also offer a pretty spectacular health and wellness reimbursement benefit that can be used for anything like gym memberships, yoga classes, massages, facials, and other wellness programs.

What’s on tap or in your fridge?

Right now we have some Harpoon IPA, Guinness, cider, and rose. Our fridge is also stocked with cheese sticks, hummus, carrots, and yogurt. We try to be healthy most of the time but we do have ice cream and pizza pockets in the freezer, which we can all admit to sampling.