October 19, 2016

[Working in Boston Tech] OrionCKB: Redefining Social Strategy

Carlos Cashman, CEO at OrionCKB

OrionCKB is a boutique digital advertising shop that specializes in direct response and acquisition. They help their customers tackle social strategy in a way that maximizes their investment. Their approach to marketing helps create high lifetime value customers and higher quality leads that turn into ideal subscribers, enrollments and clients.

We sat down with OrionCKB's CEO, Carlos Cashman to hear about their world and what makes them stand out amongst the Boston tech community.

OrionCKB is hiring! Check out its BIZZpage

Jill Gregoriou: Hiring the right talent is important to a thriving culture. How do you view OrionCKB's culture and what qualities do you look for in potential candidates?

Reptar: the office mascot

Carlos Cashman: One of the biggest things we look for is for people who both work hard and play hard. I’ve been living with that statement since I started at MIT 25 years ago. In all of the companies I’ve built, I’ve tried to make sure this is what we based the culture on. At Orion, we’ve got a lot of great people together, and that’s how we roll today.  We love to have fun, but we also care about getting the work done and getting it done excellently. We really don’t care about old school “rules” like dress codes. We look for people who want to DO, who agitate for more, and who love being part of a hardworking team.  

JG: What are OrionCKB’s core values?

CC: We actually took an anonymous survey of our team recently, and we describe our core values as being a company that is: Accountable, Data-Driven, Responsive, Passionate, Ahead of the Curve, Transparent, and Fun.

One of our team members hard at work

JG: Is the team active and involved in the Boston tech community? Do you host or plan to host any events?

CC: Members of our staff run the Boston Growth Hackers Meetup group, a community of the very best marketers, developers and growth professionals in Boston. We’re working on putting together a new events calendar for this winter and 2017, including panels and networking events, so VentureFizz readers should join!

We’re also active members of MITX, and have been on several local speaking panels for their events, as well as speaking on the Boston area school circuit, talking to college students and new grads about starting their careers in marketing and advertising.

Other than that, you can find OrionCKB employees at any and all marketing and tech-related events - VentureFizz (of course), SheGeeksOut, and BostInno are always great sources of solid networking and education.

JG: What types of activities are employees are involved in at or outside the office?

CC: Our office loves sports, so we have a weekly basketball pick-up game, as well as our own company softball team. We have a few hardcore hockey fans in the office who also play in the Men’s New England Senior Hockey League. As an office, we love supporting Boston sports, and regularly attend games as a group to cheer on the Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots throughout the year.

Outside of sports, our Content and Brand Specialist loves keeping us informed via her role as a Skimm’bassador.

One of our favorite spots to have team meetings!

JG: Do you offer any unique benefits or perks? What’s on tap or in your fridge?

CC: One of the biggest benefits we offer, in addition to paying more than the industry average, is equity in the company. Every incoming employee gets a portion of the business, which is unheard of in the agency world - we pride ourselves on making sure that everyone who works here is truly invested not only in their own success, but the company’s success as well. We’re also extremely generous when it comes to our Paid Vacation policy, in addition to offering the standard 401k match, healthcare plans, etc. Not to mention, our snack and beverage selection is on point and we take our entire office to lunch every Friday.

What’s in our fridge? What’s NOT in our fridge is more like it. With our newly renovated office, we tripled our fridge space, so we have to fill it with something! Flannel Friday from Harpoon is the latest obsession, but we’ve always got a variety of craft beers, wines, and sparkling waters to choose from. Our kegerator is being assembled as I write this, so in addition to a few great brews on tap, we’ll have cold brew coffee available as well.

JG: Finish this sentence: I love working at OrionCKB because… 

Hunter Jones-Volpi

“I never feel like I have to go it alone. Everyone here always has my back and is willing to jump in and help.”

Hunter Jones-Volpi

Yianni Kotsalidis


“At Orion, you’re entrusted with a lot of responsibility when you earn it. No matter what your age is, your output really dictates what you get to do here.”

Yianni Kotsalidis


Stephen Plesko

"We have such a great group of people here that we hang out on the weekends and somehow don’t get sick of each other"

Stephen Plesko

Amanda Oliver


"I’m allowed to let my creative flag fly. I can be a little salty in our blog and it’s not only accepted, but encouraged, since it reminds people we’re human."  
Amanda Oliver


Jill Gregoriou is the Customer Success Manager at VentureFizz. Follow her on Twitter: @JillGregoriou