September 9, 2015
VentureFizz Job & Talent Report - August 2015

As fall approaches and the Patriots look on to the 2015 season, we take a look back on the job activity in August and key hiring trends of the summer. 

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So, without further ado, here are our findings:

Top Job Categories in August:


Hiring Trends via Talent on the Move
Looking through our Talent on the Move series, we found Sales + Marketing and Recruiting talent as points of interest.
Sales + Marketing:
Joe Chernov, Vice President of Marketing @ InsightSquared Rob May, CEO @ Tallo

Lee Sparaga, President of Sales, Americas @ Pixability

Wendy Troupe, Chief Marketing Officer @ Buildium Chad Godfrey, Senior Director, Acquisition Marketing @ Gemvara


Ashlene Ferris, Director of Talent Management @ Zaius Scott Santoro, VP Global Talent Acquisition @ edX Emily Gransky, Head of Talent Acquisition @ Barkly Larry McSheffery, Director of Talent Acquisition @ DrugDev Nell Thayer Heisner, Director of Talent Acquisition @ ThinkingPhones


 We thought it would be interesting to get some feedback from our BIZZpage customers on the current hiring marketing out there... so, here's our new "In The Trenches" segment:

1) What ​are the recruiting trends that you are seeing in the market right now?

I think we're seeing a bigger emphasis being placed on employee referrals in general. Employment branding is definitely a really important factor in today's market too.

2) Which positions are the toughest to fill?​

Engineers with chops are definitely the toughest to fill. We tend to look for candidates who have the technical skillset in an entrepreneurial setting. Sales Engineer roles are also particularly challenging right now. SE's are in high demand in the New England and Bay Area markets plus security-domain knowledge is also a scarcity, which makes hiring for the role especially tricky.

3) Have you made any hires from VentureFizz?

Yup, we've hired some Sales peeps off VentureFizz and have been pleasantly surprised! You've done a few features on us and that's really helped get the word out on our company culture, what's unique about us, and why people should join the team. People are listening, especially people who realize they have options and can choose to work for an employee centric company or a "big brother" type corporation.


Ed Nathanson, RedPill Talent (on behalf of CloudLock)

 New BIZZpage customers

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