September 21, 2017

An Inside Look at Turbonomic’s Growing Sales Team

Recently named Boston's Next Pillar Tech Company, Turbonomic is the definition of hyper-growth. It finds itself in the sweet spot of one of the fastest-growing areas in technology: hybrid cloud management. Currently, IT organizations have the dual challenge of embracing the cloud while also scaling their traditional infrastructure. The Turbonomic hybrid cloud management platform solves these customer pain points, as witnessed with their growth beyond 1,700 customers.

Leadership, transformative technology, world-class talent, and a strong go-to-market engine are essential to globally scaling a fast-growing company, all of which Turbonomic is leveraging to solve their customers' challenges.

I recently sat down with Steve Corndell, Turbonomic’s General Manager and Vice President of Commercial Sales for North America, to gain an understanding of the opportunity ahead at Turbonomic, particularly in its growing go-to-market engine.

Steve joined Turbonomic in 2012, after a four-year stint at EMC. Since joining the team, he’s quickly progressed his sales career. Starting as a Senior Channel Manager, then to managing multiple regional sales teams, all the way to being appointed GM of their North America commercial group. He’s now focused on building that sales team here in Boston with the best talent.

Turbonomic Commercial Sales Leaders
Turbonomic's commercial sales leaders. From left to right: Emilio Siman (Regional Director), Grant Hornung (area VP), Steve Corndell (GM/VP of Sales), Jacob DeLuise (Regional Sales Director), Andrew Bohac (Sales Development Manager).

When discussing Turbonomic’s sales motion, Corndell shared some of the keys that have unlocked huge success.

Investing in Training

Turbonomic has invested heavily into a training program to equip their sales people for success. The company partnered with Sandler Sales Training, who carries a deep understanding of technology sales.

“They put together, in my opinion, the best sales training I’ve ever seen. We had classroom training, as well as training on the phones for reinforcement.”

In addition to the help from Sandler, the company has continued to invest in sales enablement programs, leading to the creation of an entire enablement team at Turbonomic.

Promote From Within

To foster talent, Turbonomic has established a well-defined career path for its employees, which Steve says will continue to be a focus for his sales team as he looks for the next leaders.

Depending on experience, a new hire can become either a Business Development Representative (BDR) or an Account Executive (AE). BDRs support AEs, and are trained to become Associate Account Executives (AAE) before they are given their own accounts and a quota.

Steve Corndell and Alex Osterman, Turbonomic
Steve Corndell and Alex Osterman (Commercial Account Executive).

Once the individual has shown the ability to properly sell the Turbonomic hybrid cloud management platform, they are promoted to an AE with a full quota, territory, and support.

From there, AE’s can move up to a Senior AE position or into a sales management position. Corndell’s goal is to have his tenured salespeople pass along their knowledge to others, and create a multiplying effect. This also gives the people on his team plenty of opportunities to progress in their careers and develop into leadership roles.

“If you perform at Turbonomic, you can have a career path that’s tremendous,” he says.

Structure Better, Serve Better

Commercial Account Executives have the opportunity to travel to their territories to establish face-time with potential customers, which is different than the traditional inside sales model. At Turbonomic you get the perk of having a home base at their Boston HQ with access to c-level leadership support surrounding you, and you can also visit your sales territory monthly out in the field.

Account Executives have an assigned number of accounts to focus on. This way, each person can learn each potential customers’ business challenges, and build more personable relationships in the process. Essentially, you’re the quarterback calling the game from start to finish, with a full team’s support around you.

In addition to running your own deals, you’re able to leverage a growing channel partner ecosystem to progress deals quicker while selling into half of the Fortune 5000, while the North American Enterprise team sells into the top half with field reps in every major city.

Keeping the Bar High

Corndell’s job is to aggressively grow the team by hiring multiple BDRs each month, as well as multiple Account Executives and Sales Directors this year.

Turbonomic roof deck

Although the market is very tight when it comes to hiring sales people, Corndell is focused on keeping the bar high, which is demonstrated in how he evaluates talent.

“I look for people who are hungry. Someone who wants a career and wants to own something. We are looking for people who are going to be the next generation of leaders at the company.”

For the BDR role, some of the hires might be coming in without prior technology sales experience. To help develop them, they have candidates shadow people on the sales team, so that they have a better understanding of the culture and what the position entails – leading to everyone’s success.

To provide an inside look at the company and their open career opportunities, they’ll be hosting an open house event called Accelerating a Career in Sales on September 27th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. It features a keynote by Turbonomic COO, Mark Thurmond who previously built and ran global sales for major tech companies such as; RSA Security, VCE, and Qlik. Register here to save a seat.

Images courtesy of Turbonomic.

Keith Cline is the Founder of VentureFizz.  Follow him on Twitter: @kcline6.

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