March 1, 2017
Working in Boston Tech: Turbonomic

Turbonomic delivers autonomic performance for the hybrid cloud. The company, which launched in 2010, has approximately 400 employees worldwide and is a rapidly growing tech company in the virtualization and cloud industry. 

Chris McMahon, Turbonomic
Chris McMahon, Turbonomic

Turbonomic has been on a roll.  They announced $50M in venture funding last month led by General Atlantic.  Gary Reiner, the former Chief Information Officer of General Electric and current Operating Partner of General Atlantic, joined the company’s Board of Directors.

We caught up with Chris McMahon, the company's VP of People & Culture for an inside look at the company.

Turbonomic is hiring!  Check out their BIZZpage for the company's job openings in Boston.

Keith Cline:  Turbonomic underwent an exciting rebrand last fall. As Vice President of People and Culture, how would you describe how the company culture has evolved?

Chris McMahon:  Since the rebrand, our leadership team has a fresh perspective. We were on a strong path before, but the rebrand made us introspect in new ways. Coming out as Turbonomic we are recharged, realigned, and ready to evangelize our platform. The rebrand was really a huge success that was driven 100% internally by our team and the execution was world-class. We see the power of where teamwork can take us. We are excited about our opportunity to grow and to find incredible people to join us. Turbonomic Culture

KC:  You’re bringing over two decades of HR + Talent experience to Turbonomic. Hiring the right talent is important to a thriving culture. What qualities does your team seek in a great hire?

CM:  First and foremost, energy and drive. If you have a high energy and are extremely driven, you will find success here. Turbonomic is a competitive environment at all functions and levels, but it’s rewarding. People who are motivated to better themselves and those around them are going to have the opportunity to grow and develop with us. We understand that our people are our most valuable asset, so they also have to be resourceful, trustworthy, and able to work within a team. Also, their favorite color absolutely must be green!  

KC:  What are Turbonomic’s core values? 

CM:  We have three core values, also known as our Three Pillars, which are trust, performance and transparency.

Trust is huge, our employees are given the opportunity to take initiative and be bold in their actions.

We are a performance-driven culture, where those who succeed are rewarded. We support this by giving our employee’s measurable goals and access to one of the best leadership teams in technology. We want our people to take advantage of the knowledge and guidance our senior leadership can provide.

Lastly, transparency is crucial, as we trust our employees we want them to trust us. We believe everyone should be informed, and we cultivate this by having bi-weekly company-wide meetings led by our CEO, Ben Nye. We have each of our global offices including UK, Canada, New York, and Boston all dialed in. This is where we introduce new employees, recognize outstanding achievements, share financials, and discuss updates and happenings within our different business units. It’s a great tradition that every employee gets excited about!

Turbonomic Company CultureKC:  How does the team stay active and involved in the Boston tech community? Do you host or plan to host any events?

CM:  You bet. We host many events, not just in Boston, but also all over the globe. Specifically to Boston, we host Turbofest each year, which is our user conference. We also host Vision Summits that attract some of the best CIO’s in the country. In addition to that, our Boston office is one of the host locations for the Docker Meetup Group, where we get hands on with new technologies in partnership with the Docker community. Another event that we love to host is the Women in Technology group – we’ve had some incredible women present and it’s fostered the diversity we strive for here. Don’t let me forget about the hot tech events such as BostInno’s 50 on Fire, Tech Madness and other local events.

KC:  What types of activities are employees involved in at or outside the office?

Turbonomic Charity Event
Buzz for Kids Charity Event at Turbonomic

CM:  Our people are involved in recreational sports teams, outdoor adventures, concerts, volunteering, brewery visits, and traveling abroad. Some of the places our employees have visited include Uganda, Zimbabwe, Malta, Yemen, Turkey, Cyprus, India, Monaco, Cabo, Aruba and Hong Kong… oh, and we have many frequent visitors to a little town in Massachusetts called Foxborough! Some of the volunteer opportunities that employees have started up consist of; Delete Blood Cancer, Buzz for Kids (Buzz Off for Cancer), Breast Cancer walks and Suicide Awareness walks. These are all employee led, but our organization supports each effort with any resources needed – it’s truly incredible to see what our people do. We try to have at least one focus cause each quarter to rally around.

Turbonomic Roof Deck
Turbonomic Roof Deck

KC:  Do you offer any unique benefits or perks? What’s on tap or in your fridge?

CM:  We have cold brew coffee on tap! On Fridays, we have happy hour beginning at 4:00pm, where we have a bartender serving up craft beer and wine, and in the summer, we move it out to our roof deck overlooking Back Bay! I’d say the biggest perk at this company though is the flat hierarchy we have across the organization. Our C-Level has an open-door policy and you get direct access to them at any time… it’s the rarest thing I’ve come across and truly special. They listen to all ideas, giving you the courage to try new things.

KC:  Complete this sentence for our audience: "I love working at Turbonomic because…"

Chris Graham, Marketing Director

“I’ve never worked a day at Turbonomic that hasn’t kept me on my toes. We’re constantly facing and tackling new business challenges – all of which require creativity and business tact to solve – and I simply love that.”

Chris Graham, Turbonomic
Larissa Little, Formlabs

Justin Graci, Marketing Manager

“I love working at Turbonomic because there is never a dull moment. It’s constantly new and exciting with a lot of laughing along the way. The best part about working at a place like this is the career growth potential. You come in, you listen, you take risks, you learn and adapt fast. Moving fast opens the doors for huge growth opportunities, which is why I love it here.”

Keith Cline is the Founder of VentureFizz.  Follow him on Twitter: @kcline6.