February 17, 2014
Traveling Across the Northeast with Wanderu

Disclaimer - Wasabi Ventures is an investor in Wanderu.

Planning for my day-to-day events is not something I do often, and when I do, I want to do it in the quickest, easiest way possible. I’ll put all the time and effort I have into a business or project that I’m working on, but things like getting from point A to point B or social events just either naturally come together or they don’t.

So, if I have to be somewhere at a specific time, I want to put in as little effort as possible while still achieving my objective.

Recently, I found out I’d be heading up to Boston and Manchester, NH. I live in NJ, so the trip was far enough to where I could fly, but close enough to where taking a train or a bus would be viable options as well.

When I thought about it, there are 3 different airports that are equidistant to my house all with several different airlines leaving at several different times with different costs depending on when you book the flight. Then there’s things like getting to the airport, booking the flight in advance, and the fact that it’d take an hour to get to the airport, wait in the airport for at least another hour before the flight, get on the flight another hour, and by that point the extra price of the plane was simply not worth it.

I decided to eliminate that option all together and focus on either a train or bus, which again, have several different stations and options there but there’s a lot more flexibility within the booking process.

Still, I needed to sift through train prices/times as well as bus prices/times. That’s a lot of work for someone who just honestly wants to get to my destination with as little thought as possible.

Enter Wanderu.

Wanderu Navigation Bar

Wanderu is a travel search site for trains and buses currently serving the east coast. Perfect.

Within under two minutes I had figured out my mode of transportation (I opted for the bus), was able to compare all buses leaving from NYC to Boston including their prices, times, availability, etcetera, and was able to book it with a click. My booking info was sent over via email and that was it. My trip had went from a disaster to a simple two step prices (figure out when I want to leave and click a button). 

When making these 3-5 hour long trips, ground transportation is  a no brainer when an airport is not in a convenient location. You save money, have more flexibility and can even access Wi-Fi.

Brandon Pindulic is a Marketing Coordinator with Wasabi Ventures.  You can find this post, as well as additional content on the Wasab Ventures' blog located here