December 28, 2016
The Top Stories From VentureFizz in 2016

It's the end of another year and it certainly was a busy one!  We had a record year in terms of the number of stories we published.  Thus, we thought it would be interesting to take a look back at this year's stories.

So without further ado, here's 20 of our top stories from 2016 in no particular order:

Boston Facebook Office

Here's What Facebook's Boston Office Is Working On [and Pictures]

We gave you the inside look at Facebook's local office in terms of what they are working on in Cambridge and their expansion plans.  Plus, we included some pictures.

Expanding Innovation: How Boston's Suburbs Plan to Attract More Tech Startups

Yes, companies are still setting up offices in the suburbs.  We took it a step deeper, by looking at what some towns like Salem and Hudson are doing to attract innovative companies.

5 Best Marketing Hacks From INBOUND 2016

5 of the Best Marketing Hacks From INBOUND 2016

Did you miss INBOUND? Justin Miller broke down his 5 biggest takeaways.

PlanetAll Background Story

PlanetAll: The Story Behind the World’s First Social Networking Site

Boston is the home to the world's first social networking site and it's not Facebook.  It was PlanetAll.  Here's the background story on this company.

Bob Mason, Project 11 Ventures

Investor Profile: Bob Mason - Managing Director at Project 11 Ventures

We had a lot of investor profiles on VentureFizz this year.  Bob Mason from Project 11 Ventures provided some legendary photos.

Upromise alumni

The Colossal Spider Web of Upromise Alumni

Upromise was one of the first massive consumer web companies in the Boston area.  We took a look at some of the alumni and what they are up to these days.

Boston Leaders Worst Jobs, First Jobs

10 Boston Leaders on Worst Jobs, First Jobs, & Lessons Learned Along the Way

I love learning about people's first jobs and lessons learned.  This post included some entrepreneurs and CEOs like Ashley Reid (Wellist), Joe Krivickas (Ipswitch), Rob Gonzalez (Salsify), Bruce Reading (VoltDB), Craig Powell (Motus), and more.

Jeremy Pallai

Jeremy Pallai, Hatching New Ideas in Vistaprint's Innovation Lab

Jeremy Pallai launched Vistaprint's innovation lab called the Hatchery.  Here's his background story.

Boston's Best Startup Podcasts

8 of Boston’s Best Podcasts

We shared a list of podcasts that we listen to and recommend.  As a follow up story, we asked our readers to provide the podcasts they are listening to.  Here's another 10 podcasts for you to check out.

Elizabeth Dobrska

Elizabeth Dobrska: Part-time Performer, Philanthropist & Full-time Hustler

Elizabeth Dobrska is one of the faces behind TUGG, as the organization's Program Director.  Here's her background story.

John Burns, Breakaway

[Investor Q&A] John Burns of Breakaway: Building Consumer Success in Boston

If you are seeking an investment for a consumer business, you'll probably want to get a meeting to pitch John Burns.  His local investments include Drizly, M Gemi, IdeaPaint, Oath Craft Pizza, CoachUp, and others.  Here's his background story and what he targets for his investments.


Could CMGi Have Been the Google of Boston?

CMGi is a legendary company that was a rocketship during the web 1.0 era.  We had a chance to look back at this company's history by interviewing David Wetherell, former Chairman and CEO of CMGi.

Chip Hazard, Flybridge Capital Partners

Investor Profile: Chip Hazard - General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners

Here's a profile about Chip Hazard of Flybridge Capital Partners.  We got into the details around his background and what he is typicaly targeting for his investments.


Fasten Races After Uber, Lyft With Driver-First Approach to Ridesharing

Fasten is a ride sharing startup taking on Uber and Lyft. We interviewed Kirill Evdakov, Co-Founder & CEO about the company's history and how they are competing against two fierce rivals. 

Disruptor Beam, Jon Radoff

Disruptor Beam CEO on Helping Employees Avoid Gaming Industry Burnout

Disruptor Beam is one of the most successful gaming companies in the area, so we thought it would be appropriate to interview Jon Radoff, its founder and CEO about how he is scaling a people focused culture to ensure employees don't burnout in this highly competitive industry.

Boston Startup Productivity

7 Ways Boston's Startuppers get More S#*! Done

We got some great productivity tips from founders and executives at Barkly, ezCater, Lola, Continuum, Salsify, Pretty Instant, LogMeIn, and other companies. 

Why Storytelling is Important to Company Culture

Christina Luconi, Chief People Officer at Rapid7, shared experiences and advice around how her company continues to scale and build a healthy culture around it.

Boston Information Security Companies

Top Companies Driving Boston’s Massive Information Security Cluster

The information security industry is a very important sector for the Boston tech scene with lots of companies emerging or at scale.  We compiled a list earlier this year to help you keep track of all the different companies.  There's 30 of them.

Aaron Jun

Aaron Jun: This Humble Risk Taker May Be Boston's Next "It" Entrepreneur

Aaron Jun held various roles at Fiksu and Jana before taking the leap and starting his own company called Gatsby.  Here's his story.


MatchMine: the Boston Personalization Company's Fast Rise & Abrupt Ending

MatchMine was a media discovery company which spun out of the Kraft Group Sports Properties. The company's CEO was Mike Troiano, who we interviewed for a trip down memory road.  It was a reminder of how much timing can affect a company's outcome.

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