August 25, 2014
Tech In Boston Podcast: Moritz Plassnig, Co-Founder & CEO, Codeship



On this episode of Tech In Boston: Moritz Plassnig, Co-Founder & CEO, Codeship.


Mo is the Co-Founder & CEO of Codeship, a startup that makes it fast and easy for developers to test and deploy their code.

Before Codeship, Mo was the founder of a company centered around fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe.  During that time, he noticed that despite so many people following the lean startup methodology, companies both big and small still weren’t moving fast enough when it came to testing and deploying their applications.

The idea for the company was not new - there were already companies doing the same thing - but Mo and the team at his previous company wanted to find a way to make a better product that was easier to use, so they started working on it and using it on their own.  Shortly after, people from the outside world started asking for the same functionality, so Mo and team put it online for everybody and committed to Codeship as a product and a business full-time.

In this episode Mo talks about:

  • Running a company with teams in two different countries (offices in Boston & Vienna)
  • The challenges (and fun part) about building a product for developers
  • Why they made the decision to switch to a Freemium pricing model
  • His learnings from fundraising for the first time (Codeship raised $2.6M in February)
  • What his biggest mistake was in the early days of Codeship

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