June 9, 2014
Tech in Boston Podcast: Matt Brand, Co-Founder & Head of Technology, Dunwello

Matt Brand is the Co-Founder & Head of Technology at Dunwello, a new company in in Boston that is focused on changing the way employee feedback is handled and is based on the idea that everyone should be both happy and productive at work.

The founding team at Dunwello is comprised of two Matt’s, Brand and Matt Lauzon, the former CEO of jewelry retailer Gemvara, and the team recently raised a seed round of $1.4 million.

Matt Brand was previously part of the team at Tabblo, a Cambridge-based company founded by Antonio Rodriguez that was acquired by HP in 2007.

“There’s a difference between building software and writing code.  People who are building software are thinking about the user.  There are a lot of great coders, and those people are wonderful, but at an early stage, you need people who understand they aren’t typing in a vacuum.  At the end of the day, all that matters is what our users think.” - Matt Brand, Co-Founder & Head of Technology, Dunwello.

In this episode, Matt talks about:

  • The role he plays as a technical co-founder
  • Why it’s so important to have a clearly defined culture and be happy at work
  • How to hire top engineering talent
  • The difference between building software and writing code
  • Why he loves change and being part of a company in its early stages
  • Work life balance and how to write code at a dance recital

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