May 19, 2014
Tech in Boston Podcast - Ezra Fishman - Director of Marketing, Wistia

Ezra Fishman is the Director of Marketing at Wistia, a video hosting company in Cambridge.  Even if you’re not familiar with them, you’ve probably seen their product in action before without realizing it.  They power the online videos from some really well known brands like JetBlue, Sam Adams, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Hubspot and more.

Ezra was originally an engineer for a medical device company, and was living with Chris Savage (Founder, CEO) and Brendan Schwartz (Founder, CTO), the founders of Wistia when they started the company.  Ezra’s company ended up becoming the first Wistia customer, and they eventually got him to join Wistia a few years later after he graduated from Stanford Business School.

In this episode, Ezra talks about:

  • How the company started in an apartment he shared with Chris and Brendan (his roommates at the time)
  • His experience in Palo Alto at Stanford and the differences between Silicon Valley and Boston
  • How marketing has been a growth engine for Wisita and how they’ve been so successful without a sales team
  • Advice for those thinking about getting their MBA
  • What his one piece of marketing advice would be to help any early stage startup grow
  • Wistiafest (May 20-22):

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