June 2, 2014
Tech in Boston Podcast: Allan Telio - Vice President, Startup Institute

Welcome to the latest edition of the Tech in Boston podcast!

Today, we are featuring Allan Telio, who is a Vice President at the Startup Institute, a career accelerator that helps people find jobs at local startups.

The Startup Institute has become a magnet for people looking to switch careers and join a startup, attracting everyone from ages 22 to 55.  Since being spun out of TechStars a little over two years ago, the Startup Institute now has 25 employees and offices in Boston, Chicago, New York & Berlin.  

To date, they’ve helped people land jobs at 170 local companies, including Fiksu, Ovuline, Nanigans, Constant Contact, Swipely and more,  and they are quickly becoming the farm system for many local companies.

Before joining the team at the Startup Institue, Allan was Vice President of Business Development at MyEnergy, which was acquired by Nest in May 2013 (Nest was later bought by Google for $3.2 billion in February of this year). 

"Most people coming through the program are transitoning their careers and looking for something different.  They want to find a job where if they don’t show up, it matters and impacts the company’s bottom line.” - Allan Telio, Vice President, Startup Institute

In this episode, Allan talks about:

  • How the Startup Institute provides talent to local startups (1:28)
  • His number one piece of advice for those looking to join a startup (12:40)
  • The three keys to finding a job you love (14:50)
  • Why a company’s product is so important to recruiting top talent (16:00)
  • The challenges of working at a people company vs. a product company (17:55)

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