June 12, 2014
Talent on the Move! June 13, 2014

Talent on the Move - June 13, 2014

Your weekly roll up of who is coming and going within the Boston tech scene!

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David Quinlan, Managing Director at Eze Software Group

David Quinlan, promoted to Managing Director @ Eze Software Group. Previously, President.  Link 

Daniel Grace

Daniel Grace, Vice President, Product Management @ Bullhorn.  Previously, Director, Product Management at NetSuite.  Link 

Philip Wickline
Philip Wickline, CEO @ Zaius.  Previously, EIR at Matrix Partners and CTO at Hadapt.  Link
Matt Tharp
Matt Tharp, VP of Marketing @ Zaius.  Previously, VP of Customer Retention at LogMeIn.  Link
Matt Gill
Matt Gill, Marketing & Founding Team @ HigherMe.  Previously, Director, Growth & Data Operations at Mobee.  Link


Ed Furlong, CFO @ Kyruus.  Previously, COO & CFO at Exa Corporation.  Link



Eric Austrew

Eric Austrew, Vice President of Product Management @ Geezeo.  Previously, Director of Product Management at  Link 

Freedom Dumlao
Freedom Dumlao, Director of Engineering @ Xively by LogMeIn.  Previously, Lead Technologist at ZEFR.  Link


Andrew Capland
Andrew Capland, Senior Manager, Lead Generation @ Logentries.  Previously, Principal Inbound Marketing Consultant @ HubSpot.  Link
Adam Hasler
Adam Hasler, User Experience Designer / Developer @ Big Studio, LLC.  Previously, Head of Product at EdTrips.  Link


Looking to announce a recent hire?  Or, have a tip?  Email us here.