February 16, 2014
Tablelist... Because Everyone Deserves the VIP Treatment

Tablelist, an app that makes it easier to navigate the nightclub scene, is looking to bring everybody a little piece of the VIP experience.

So how does the app work? Basically, it allows for anyone to get the VIP treatment of table service, where a group can get their own bottles of alcohol, mixers, and/or champagne, and have their own little VIP enclave in participating clubs.  Users can reserve tables and drinks (with a minimum purchase) and skip the lines that seem to form outside of the city’s most popular hotspots.

Best of all, users don’t always need to book in advance. If a group of friends arrive at a club and find a long wait, they can use the app to reserve a table and bypass the line. Bottles are paid for in advance by the app and the bill can even be split by a number of different users.

For Tablelist’s partners, the lounges and clubs, the benefit of joining forces with the app can be beneficial not only for creating a more lucrative weekend service, but for getting more customers out on weeknights for VIP treatments that most people usually don’t think of for a Monday or Tuesday night out on the town.

Julian Jung and crew have just launched a new version of the app and are planning to roll into more cities, especially New York and Las Vegas, soon.

“Ideally, we want to be in the top tier venues in every place.,” Jung said. “Wherever you are in the world, if you want bottle service, or if you just don’t want to wait in line, we want Tablelist to be used.”

The most recent version, Tablelist 2.2, also allows users to earn rewards by using the app.  Some of the rewards that could be earned include bottles of champagne, uber black cars, and even a private jet.

As Jung said, the company is trying to get their numbers up to where they want to be and is looking to raise a Series A round of funding, probably  later this year.

Keith Cline is the Founder of VentureFizz.  You can follow him on Twitter (@kcline6) by clicking here.