December 17, 2012
Swipely Unveils Updates to Help Deepen Customer Relationships

Providence, R.I.-based Swipely, which offers a cloud-based marketing and payment service, today announced its “Winter ‘13” product release. Founded by serial entrepreneur Angus Davis, Swipely integrates with the merchant’s existing point-of-sale system. According to a company press release, the release will help merchants deepen customer relationships, access hourly analytics, and get paid faster.

As part of the Winter ’13 release, Swipely’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool updates automatically every time a customer’s card is swiped, building a profile for each card-paying customer so that merchants track spending recency, frequency, and lifetime value.

“We're seeing that merchants are very excited by the new CRM,” says Elizabeth Ducoff, Swipely’s Senior Manager of PR and Marketing. “They're using it to understand who their best customers are and save insights that will help them bring customers back when they leave the store.” Swipely merchants use the tool to follow relationships with over a half million customers.

Another feature of the Winter ’13 release is that Swipely’s online dashboard is now optimized for tablets including the iPad, allowing merchants to follow business trends across multiple locations or zero in on individual locations. Swipely’s Daily Journal, part of the online dashboard, features information such as weather and Facebook posts that could influence buying patterns. The new Swipely Heat Map gives merchants the ability to monitor sales performance by hour to adjust business strategies accordingly.

On the payment front, Swipely offers next-day settlements on every payment. Thanks to Swipely’s new partnership with American Express OnePoint, qualifying merchants receive their deposits the next day instead of three days later, which according to Swipely offers a $5,000 boost to cash flow on average.

Swipely’s merchants are mainly restaurants that accept over $30,000 in monthly credit card sales. The company also works with some salons, spas, retail boutiques, and yoga studios. Existing merchants have already been upgraded to the Winter ’13 release.

Susan Johnston is a journalist and contributor to VentureFizz.  You can follow Susan on Twitter (@UrbanMuseWriter) by clicking here.