November 25, 2012
The Sticker Mule Gallery (and a $100 Giveaway!!!)

Since startup stickers are everywhere, we’ve reached out to our
friends at Sticker Mule to see if we could learn a thing or two about the world
of stickers.

As it happens they just launched a whole Sticker
, full of sticky inspiration. It’s a good place to pick up
some good ideas on designing your own stickers. For example, take a quick look
at their Logo Stickers collection.  You’ll find that some of the largest brands design the simplest stickers.
Simplicity is a good way to keep your brand identifiable, as well as improve
the likelihood that others will want to display your stickers themselves (for
example, on their laptops).

As part of our conversation with Sticker Mule, we thought... wouldn't it be great if we could do a contest together???  Well, you are in luck!!!  Here is the Sticker Mule contest giveaway!


We’ve partnered up with Sticker Mule,
to give away $100 in sticker credit. Sticker Mule makes it super easy to order
your own custom vinyl stickers.  And
their stickers look great.  Check out the VentureFizz stickers that they printed out for us.

HOW TO ENTER: it's easy... all you have to do is click on this Click to Tweet link: Stay connected to the Boston Tech Scene, sign up for the @VentureFizz weekly email: - #VFizzEmail

But wait, there's more!!! By tweeting, you will not
only enter this amazing contest, but thanks again to our friends at
Sticker Mule, we will mail you some free VentureFizz sticker schwag too!!!

Make sure the hashtag #VFizzEmail is on the tweet so we can keep track of your entry.

CONTEST ENDS: The contest ends on December 7th, 2012 at midnight (This just in....the contest has been extended to December 9th at midnight).  We will then choose a winner at random.