June 25, 2015
Startups and Entrepreneurship: The Top Stories from the First Half of 2015

Short week ahead with July 4th in our sites! Since there’s not your usual run of events on tap (although IdeaPaint is celebrating the launch of their new app, Bounce on Tuesday) we're skippiing the Events-Look Ahead piece and opting to provide you some extra reading material to fill your time next week. 

We’ve covered some amazing entrepreneurs and exciting startups over the first half of 2015 (halfway through already… crazy!). There’s been a ton of content and we can’t spit it all back out at you, but we can highlight those that our readers enjoyed the most in case you happened to miss any. 

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 stories thus far in 2015:


                                ThinkingPhones: An Under-Recognized Industry Leader in Boston


 Harvard Startup to Help You Consume the News

Brookline-native and recent Harvard grad, Max Campion, along with his team out of the Harvard iLab, are looking to become your new go-to source for all things news through their app, BriefMe.


Doron Reuveni – Ironman, Marathoner, Co-Founder & CEO of Applause – Boston’s Hidden Gem

I sat down with Applause Co-Founder and CEO, Doron Reuveni, an Ironman competitor and 11-time Boston Marathoner, to learn about his journey from the Israeli Military to the United States to the head of a burgeoning tech company potentially on the verge of an IPO.
Doron Reuveni Applause. uTest


Zoe Barry ZappRx
Zoe Barry: Solving Problems in Healthcare with ZappRx and Catalyzing Women Entrepreneurship in the Process
Regardless of your stance around the gender gap in the tech and venture world, the fact is there are fewer female founders out there. One such founder, however, is right here in Boston making strides in the healthcare technology and life sciences space. You might not be as aware of Zoe Barry as you are the gender gap, but that’ll change soon.

If you have the opportunity to sit down with Barry and talk shop, take advantage. All of 30 seconds into the conversation and you’re sold – on whatever she’s selling.

Lose It! How Charles Teague Went From Answering Phones to Running One of Boston’s Most Promising Consumer Tech Companies

Charles Teague started as an office assistant to an entrepreneur in Minnesota some 19 years ago. The two have since partnered on three different companies - the first two of which realized very successful exits. The third… well the final verdict is still out. And while Lose It! is already a Boston success story, if Teague’s track record remains intact, this the story is far from over.

Charles Teague Lose It!


                       Breakaway. Dennis Baldwin. Ted Shuester

               Branding, Creative, Strategy and Capital – Breakaway is a Unique Firm on the Rise


Carly Pico. BeConnections

Carlota Pico: International Entrepreneur Creating Strategic Partnerships Worldwide with BeConnections

As if starting a company wasn’t difficult enough, imagine arriving in Boston from Spain, alone as a sole founder, to launch your startup in the United States during the worst month of weather our fine city has ever seen. 
That’s how it played out for Carlota Pico, Founder and CEO of BeConnections, a global and free B2B matchmaking network for companies.

While BeConnections may have a ways to go before it has its place with the likes of LinkedIn, or Facebook, Pico is a force to be reckoned with. She’s made her way into the offices of President’s of African countries, travelled the world, into some dangerous places, alone, and has succeeded on every level and situation she’s been in.



Fresh Tilled Soil Enters Product Business – Creates Powerful First Impression Experience

A few weeks back I stopped by Fresh Tilled Soil to catch up with Richard Banfield, Co-Founder and CEO of the digital experience design and strategy firm in Watertown. Little did I know the iPad that greeted me upon arrival would turn into the main subject of our conversation. 

Yes, I was greeted by an iPad. But it was more than that. And much to the satisfaction of Banfield I found the entire experience to be a breath of fresh air.

Fresh Tilled Soil Enter App


Craig Bloem. LogoMix

LogoMix: Bootstrapped Boston Startup is Helping Small Business Around the World

You can tell Bloem is extremely proud of having made it to this point completely bootstrapped. But you also know he’s a smart businessman and an extremely successful entrepreneur, so there’s no doubt he’ll choose the path that’s best for LogoMix.


                                         Buildium in Boston

                                                Born and Bred in Boston, Buildium is Built To Last

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