January 25, 2018

Startup Q&A - CareZare: A Family-Owned Business Aiding Caregivers

Logan Wells, Co-Founder and CareChief of CareZare
Logan Wells, Co-Founder and CareChief of CareZare

Caregiving is a daunting career since one has to balance many responsibilities. So, when it comes to sharing important information between families and other caregivers, it is possible for things to get lost in the shuffle.

Logan Wells is a first-time entrepreneur who has an ambitious mindset with his startup CareZare, where he is the Co-Founder and CareChief. CareZare is a platform for a team of caregivers to share information with each other and organize assignments regarding the patient.

And he manages to do this while still attending high school.

Wells spoke with us on how seeing the problems with caregiver communication first-hand inspired him to start a company and what it is like being a high school entrepreneur.

CB: I’m a big fan of the phrase “origin story.” What are the origins of CareZare?

LW: I’m currently a high school senior and this is my first app and company. It wasn’t inspired by a desire to be an entrepreneur or create an app necessarily. I created CareZare because of a personal need.

Hallie Wells, CareZare
Hallie Wells, Co-Founder and CareGuide of CareZare

Five years ago, my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia and I watched my parents and aunts encounter challenges while caring for her. One area that I thought there was real room for improvement was around communication. The people that were caring for my grandmother, both her family and friends and her paid caregivers, were exchanging a ton of information but there was not a good way to access it all. This always puts the burden of information on one of the caregivers instead of sharing it amongst the team.

A few years later, I began learning how to code and developed the first iteration of CareZare to create a platform for a care team to exchange information - appointments, journal entries about a visit, medications, assigning and checking off care tasks--quickly and easily. It’s sort of like project management for a care team.

Eric Wells, CareZare
Eric Wells, Co-Founder and CareTeam member at CareZare

My parents, Hallie and Eric, really believed in the vision and they quickly joined me. We have worked with professional developers to bring this app to life and our goal is to create a tool for the 40 million caregivers in the US that are providing this incredible foundation of unpaid care for their loved ones (on average 20 hours a week). We hope to make their lives easier, remove some of the stress and provide better care.


CB: Being a student entrepreneur is tough. How do you manage your time in-between work, after-school participation, and a startup?

LW: It has been challenging balancing CareZare with school and other activities. When the startup work ramped up I had to reevaluate my priorities and determine which activities had to give, because there was no way to achieve the goals we have for CareZare if I were too busy doing other activities. Especially in my senior year, I made sure to take less challenging classes on the school end and had to drop other activities that got in the way of work.

CareZare Screenshot
Here on CareZare's home screen, users can input a variety of messages.

CB: Do you have plans to apply for any startup accelerators in the area? (i.e. Mass Challenge, Techstars, etc.)

LW: We are absolutely considering applying to startup accelerators and would time it sometime after my graduation if we go that route.

CB: Explain what your company does. If it’s a particular software/platform/service/etc. how does it work? Any use case that stands out to you?

LW: We provide a platform service, via software, that allows people to launch & run care teams comprised of family members, friends, professional caregivers and outside services. The foundation of this platform is focused on collaboration amongst the care team members, but we will be slowly introducing other caregiving capabilities into CareZare.

CareZare Mobile Screenshot
CareZare makes creating and sending alert messages to caregiving team members easier than ever.

CB: What is the ultimate goal of CareZare?

LW: To be a lightning bolt in shifting family caregiving from a solo burden to a team-driven approach by providing an integrated set of collaboration and caregiving capabilities.

CB: How big is the team? Looking to hire any particular position in the upcoming months?

LW: Right now CareZare is a handful of co-founders partnering closely with several strategic partners. We are currently assessing our go-forward plans relative to the hiring additional team members.

CB: Has your company participated in any trade shows/meetup events in the Boston area? What about events outside of Boston?

LW: We have not participated in any trade shows/meetup events as of yet, we have been very focused over the last several months on launching and adapting the product based on customer feedback. We are beginning to look at trade show/meetup event opportunities.

CB: I’m always interested in how a startup came up with its name. How did CareZare get its name?

LW: Caregiving deals with such challenging and, as such, very stressful situations. We wanted to create a name that respected the challenges of caregiving while also providing a sense of lightness to balance the heaviness.  CareZare came up as we were brainstorming and seemed to best fit the bill.

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Images courtesy of CareZare.