March 10, 2014
Startup Office Trends in Boston - Locating Your First Headquarters

If you're a Boston-based startup looking for your first headquarters, you know that there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle - you need to figure out what your growth plan looks like to determine how much space you'll need for a few years, ensure you locate your office in a good location that fits your company culture and provides access to a strong talent pool, and, of course, how much you should be spending on rent. Yes, there is a lot to figure out. 

To help you begin to put the pieces together, T3 Advisors has gathered data from 30+ startups in the Boston area in order to bring you a Benchmarking resource piece that outlines what other companies are doing - what is the typical length of term, average rent per SF and amount of space leased? Take a look and contact us directly if you have specific questions about how this data applies to your startup.



Click here to download this report.

Jon Frisch is a Vice President at T3 Advisors.  You can follow Jon on Twitter (@jfrisch21) by clicking here or T3 Advisors (@T3Advisors) by clicking here.