September 27, 2016
Starry Office Tour: Creating Unforgettable Internet Experiences

Starry is aiming to make Internet better for everyone with easy-to-use Wi-Fi products and a radical wireless Internet service. They’ve unveiled Starry Station, the world’s first ambient touchscreen Wi-Fi station. Their team is always coming up with huge ideas and figuring out ways to bring them to life.

The Boston office is home to the engineering team. They've got beautiful space filled with ambient light. Their gorgeous kitchen is often utilized to have impromptu chats to discuss ideas and catch up after the weekend. Shuffle board is also serious business over at Starry. The team has a lot of unique interests, urban gardening, hacking drones, and bourbon. They are also big fans of biking to the office, someone even boats to work!

Enjoy the tour of their sleek and stylish space.

Starry is hiring! Check out its BIZZpage