November 14, 2012
Spindle Graduates out of Preview

social discovery app Spindle graduates out of its preview,
which launched in August, and releases several updated features. The iPhone app
integrates with Twitter and Facebook, helping users in the greater Boston or
San Francisco Bay area discover social content from nearby restaurants, bars,
museums, and other businesses. According to cofounder
and CEO Pat Kinsel, “we want to help people find great content in real time
with unique relevance.”

Based in
Boston’s Fort Point, Spindle has raised $2.3M in funding. Investors
include Polaris Venture Partners, Atlas Venture, Greylock Partners, Lerer
Ventures, SV Angel, Broad Beach Ventures, Project 11, Ray Ozzie, and Raman

the new features is the ability to search for a specific place by name rather
than scrolling through a feed of nearby places. Searching by place brings up not
only updates from the business but updates about
the business.

“With place search, we can now answer the question of what’s happening
at a particular place,” says Kinsel. “You might want to go to a restaurant and
if you search for it on Spindle, you might see an update on Twitter saying the
line is really long. Spindle could help you decide what you do and don’t want
to do.”

Simplified sharing is
another new feature, allowing users to press a button indicating “I’m going” or
“I’m here.” Users can now share posts privately via email or SMS, too. The new
release also includes user profiles, a redesigned menu, streamlined signup
process, and an improved location selector.

Now that Spindle is out
of preview, user acquisition will become a greater focus for the 11-person
team. While Spindle’s user base is still relatively small, Kinsel says repeat
engagement is good. “What we’re seeing from people who installed it is they use
it and they do find it useful,” he says. Going forward, they also plan to add
new cities in a few weeks and, once they’ve honed the user experience, they
will launch on other platforms, adds Kinsel.

Susan Johnston is a journalist and contributor to VentureFizz.  You can follow Susan on Twitter (@UrbanMuseWriter) by clicking here.