April 17, 2017
SoundBridge – Audio Recording and Engineering Made Simple

Wake Anderson is a first-time entrepreneur with one simple passion: music. “Music has always been a spiritual thing for me,” he says. “I became obsessed with music at a young age.”

Wake Anderson
Wake Anderson, Founder and CEO of SoundBridge

Anderson learned to play the guitar from Berklee alumni and while attending Northeastern University, he wanted to take another step involving his hobby. Anderson began to experiment with the ever-popular Garage Band software on his MacBook. However, those familiar with the software will know it is simplified. It’s great for first-time musicians, but in Anderson’s case he had hit a ceiling. Wanting to record with more sophisticated software, Anderson decided to try Avid’s ProTools.

ProTools was giving Anderson the professional experience he was looking for. However, there was one major obstacle. “ProTools is very labor-intensive,” Anderson says remembering his challenges with the software. “There is a lot of confusion to the learning process.”

The time-consuming methods of learning ProTools became the inspiration for his company SoundBridge.

The company formed in the spring of 2014, and was originally named Lumit Audio. For two years, Anderson and his team developed their platform and won over the crowd, and judges, at MassChallenge in 2016. SoundBridge went on to become a finalist for the competition.

SoundBridge in an audio recording and engineering platform, described by Anderson as “created by musicians, for musicians.” SoundBridge’s goal is to simplify the learning curve of using programs such as ProTools and give musicians with very little-to-no audio engineering experience the ability to create and record music with features and tools similar to what professional will use. SoundBridge can also be used on both desktop computers and tablets.

Anderson’s team have experience either playing or recording their own music, as well as C++ development. Anderson has also made friends with musicians over the Internet, in order to gain insight from their point of view. “There has been a lot of collaboration abroad,” Anderson says. “I’ve worked with prominent EDM musicians from Europe.”

The platform itself, which has been built from the ground-up by Anderson and his team, contains a user-friendly interface. For those unsure how to use the software and are about to make this their first audio software, SoundBridge gives those users an option to turn on an interactive tutorial. “You have to commit to two years to learn our competitors,” Anderson says. “With our interactive tutorial, users can learn how to use SoundBridge in a day.”

A prominent feature of SoundBridge is the ability to socialize with friends and other users. Aside from being able to share work with others, the software gives users the option to collaborate, critique and review the created music from a user. SoundBridge partnered up with, after networking with them at the Software.NAMM exhibit in Anaheim. SkyTracks created an environment where SoundBridge users could collaborate with other users within the digital audio workstation.  The audio recording is saved on SkyTracks’ cloud and it can be accessed through an Internet browser. Users can make additions to the audio tracks in real-time.

Today, SoundBridge is launching their Kickstarter campaign, with a fundraising goal of $20k. Similar to any Kickstarter campaign, there are a variety of rewards for those who donated. Contributors can be rewarded with webinars or a two-year subscription to the service on

For anyone not familiar with ProTools, they might be taken aback by the complex tools found on the software. SoundBridge is looking to change that for anyone looking to record and create music. Anderson and his team want to make sure other musicians don’t try and break their backs trying to learn how to use recording software.

“For the musician that needs to jump in and get the job done,” Anderson says summing up his company’s services. “SoundBridge is there for you.”

Colin Barry is a contributor to VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter @ColinKrash.

Images via SoundBridge.