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SilverRail Office Tour: Revolutionizing The Way We Travel

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SilverRail's office is simple and sleek, much like the service they provide. Thanks to them, rail is as easy as to book as air. Their award-winning travel technology delivers innovative train ticketing solutions. Setting out to make global rail content more accessible, affordable and available, they have created a unified platform that connects rail carriers all over North America and Europe. They have quite the team that spans across their 4 office locations: London, Brisbane, and Stockholm, with their North American hub right here in Woburn! 

When you enter, friendly greetings compliment the warm light that shines through the wall of windows. The space is open and inviting. If you're ever feeling restless at your desk, either take a stand (literally, you can adjust your desk to standing height to stretch your legs), or there are a few other options to get moving while you crank out some work! Centrally located in the office you'll find a walking tredmill and a stationary bike with a mini desk.

Need a mental break? They've got you covered as well with brain games, ping-pong, and a dart board. We had the pleasure of touring their space on the day of their first-ever office Olympics! Enjoy the tour. 

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SilverRail makes rail as easy to book as air! We are an award-winning travel technology company delivering innovative train ticketing solutions to the masses.

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