Career Path: Sarah DeAngelis, Recruiter at American Well

May 8, 2018

Career Path: Sarah DeAngelis, Recruiter at American Well

What does the career path and day in the life look like for a Recruiter at American Well?

We interviewed Sarah DeAngelis to find out!

Career Path

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Boston during my younger years. My family moved from the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston to the suburb of Westwood, where we lived until I went to college.

Where did you go to college?

I went to the Catholic University of America which is in Washington, DC. I loved living in DC and really enjoyed my time at CUA. I studied sociology and minor in pre-law, global communications and public policy.

You worked some interesting internships.  How did any of those experiences set you up for success in what you do today?  

I have a diverse internship background. I have worked for publications, NGOs, retail and other industries in various roles, stemming from internships in communications, administration, and sales. All of these opportunities have given me different skills and tools to be successful in the business world. They helped me develop strong communication skills and problem-solving tactics which I need to use daily in my current professional position as a corporate recruiter.

How did you get into recruiting and what was your path to ultimately land at American Well?

Shortly upon graduating college, I started my career out in a health system/hospital environment. I was the talent acquisition assistant for a human resources department at a Boston-based hospital. As I grew and became more acclimated to my role at the hospital, this led me to pursue a career path more recruiting-focused. Having an HR recruiting coordinator background and over a year of working directly with the hospital’s recruiting team, prepared me for my current role at American Well.

I was excited to join American Well as their junior recruiter, where I have had the opportunity to develop into a full life cycle recruiter working as a staffing partner supporting multiple divisions and departments in American Well for their staffing needs.

Can you share the high-level responsibilities of your current position?

I assist all C-level executives in their administration staffing needs and support. Getting to work directly with some of the most senior leaders in my company for staffing support.

What do you find rewarding about being in a Talent Acquisition role?

Getting the opportunity to present new exciting career and development opportunities to external talent. Getting a chance to impact someone else’s career positively.

Day in the Life

Coffee, tea, or nothing?


What time do you get into the office?

Between 9 - 9:15 AM

Every day is different, but can you outline what a typical day looks like for you?

  • Morning: Catching up on emails that came through overnight, going through all new ad response, responding to scheduling issues, scheduling updates, etc.
  • Afternoon: Conducting phone interviews with external candidates.
  • Evening: Catching up on all outstanding interviews in the active interview process, and following up on next steps with my hiring teams.

What time do you head out of the office?

That all depends on the day and my workload for that day, sometimes it’s 5:30 PM, sometimes 6 PM, or later.

Do you log back in at night or do you shut it down completely?  

This also depends on the day or week. If I am covering for another team member, I will always be on standby and check in after-hours into the evening.

Any productivity hacks?

Save email templates in the email system you operate on for common emails or emails you generally use often to send out similar communications to candidates, hiring managers, etc. This makes emailing faster and more efficient when your inbox is piling up.

What are the 3 apps that you can’t live without?

  1. My Bank App - Mobile banking has changed my life!
  2. My iPhone Notes App - It seems pretty simple/generic but this helps me keep my to-do list on track and keeps me organized.
  3. My iPhone email App - This organizes all work and personal emails separately making emailing on the go easy to track.

What professional accomplishment are you proudest of?

Getting promoted from a recruiting coordinator to a corporate recruiter has been a proud accomplishment for me. Being able to own my own requests/positions and being an internal staffing partner to multiple groups and teams has been an exciting transition coming from a more entry level coordinator position.

Who do you admire or call upon for professional advice?

Former colleagues or managers from previous employment and my current manager. I have a great relationship with my current boss where we can have open door discussions and she offers sound professional advice to help me become a stronger talent acquisition professional.

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Image courtesy of American Well.