February 12, 2013
The Product Manager

My first job after business school was serving as a product manager
for an Internet commerce software company (Open Market, IPO'96).  Back
then, we learned the "HP way" - methodical, waterfall, process-driven.
 The art and science of product management has changed radically in the
years since, with agile and lean methodologies replacing the more
centralized, older methods.  One constant, though, is the centrality of
the role - sitting in between the market and the engineering team, the
product manager (or VP of Products or any other derivative title) is a
critical component to a start-up's success.

Thus, when my friend and colleague, HBS Professor Tom Eisenmann,
suggested we write a short piece summarizing the modern role of the
Product Manager, I jumped at the opportunity.  We collaborated with
NextView's Rob Go and drew on some of the work of author/consultant Marty Cagan
as well as numerous others.  We interviewed dozens of product managers
from the Valley, NY and Boston and debated the different ways product
managers impact the business and drive operations.  We tried to capture
the issues the role faces in business to consumer as well as business to
business companies, very early stage to more mature, agile to waterfall
and everything in between.  That research culminated in this note,
which I'd welcome folks reading and providing me with feedback:

Product Manager - HBS

To explore more about the role of the product manager, there is alot of rich activity on Quora, including:

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