March 29, 2018

Perfecto Eases the Pain of Application Testing

In nearly every profession, having some testing process is necessary, and the tech world is no exception. Even if the whole process does seem like a chore, having an experienced QA team is key to streamlining the process so it won’t take a long time.

But sometimes, there are those bugs that slip through the cracks. If you are an enterprise company that has a mobile app with thousands of users, this one glitch could result in all kinds of issues for the company’s customers.

Perfecto provides a proprietary platform that targets specific pain points for application testing.

“Testing...testing...1, 2, 3 testing.”

Eran Yaniv
Eran Yaniv, Co-Founder and CEO at Perfecto

“The idea is not to execute testing across specific devices, but to execute it against a complete environment,” said Perfecto Co-Founder and CEO Eran Yaniv. “Think about a mobile banking app you’re running on your phone. While you are paying a bill, but you step into an elevator. Does the app still work despite losing coverage?”

Perfecto’s platform allows its users to select which application they would like to test and which device it is available for (such as a web browser or smartphone) and run it through a variety of tests.

From there, the platform will produce a testing script which will give the user a myriad of analytics surrounding the testing of the application. The script will also show how many tests the app either succeeded or failed. The user can also use Perfecto’s platform to have their chosen app run against other platforms (for example, if you used a web application, you can test it against mobile and vice versa) and the user can get a full test result of what is going on with his or her app. Perfecto’s users can test a specific scenario, and many more, through the platform.

Several of the company’s clients are described by Yaniv as “large companies with a brand,” and they run the gamut of industries, including banking, insurance, and retail.

While Perfecto’s platform is focused on all types of testing, there is one specific market they are targeting: DevOps. Through DevOps, engineers can link both the development and production processes together and speed along the release schedule, which can result in quicker, more efficient updates to applications.

Perfecto’s origins

Perfecto was founded in 2004 in Tel Aviv under the name NexPerience. The catalyst for the company came from the founding team (CEO Yaniv and CTO Yoram Mizrachi) seeing first-hand how arduous the whole testing process was in the late-90s and early-2000s.

“While [Mizrachi] was doing consulting work in Ireland, he saw dozens of people testing mobile applications on devices, by basically frantically pushing buttons on feature phones to see if they worked,” Yaniv said. “In his mind, it made no sense because the software industry has been employing test automation, but it still didn’t exist on the mobile side.”

At the time, Yaniv was working at the Boston-based telecommunications company Comverse, and helped develop a messaging application for AT&T. While the development and testing, which was done overseas in Israel, was successful, when it came time to deploy the app, it didn’t work due to various firmware issues.

“If we could have had a platform that resided in the US where we could test applications remotely, that would have been great,” Yaniv thought.

After getting in touch with Mizrachi and discussing their plans involved with mobile application testing, Perfecto was born. However, after the iPhone made its debut in 2007, the company shifted to meet the demands of the market.

“It suddenly dawned on us that our customers were companies that had applications that were provided for free and drove a lot of business on the backend,” Yaniv described the landscape of the business at the time. “That’s when we decided to push to selling towards enterprises.”

“When we moved from the telco market, we thought who the target customers would be,” Yaniv added. “An app that costs a dollar on the App Store probably doesn’t drive a lot of business, but an app that is given away for free probably does.”

The company’s future plans

Perfecto is currently in two locations: its home city of Tel Aviv and Burlington, Massachusetts with a massive data center in Lowell. The company also has an employee base of well over 200, with many of the operations being conducted in the Burlington office.

Perfecto is looking to bridge that gap between the two significant frustrations of testing an app and also allows engineers to receive greater insight into what is going on with their services.

“We deal with the quality aspect of software development, and we are providing solutions for all types of testings that are out there in the software development lifecycle,” said Yaniv. “Today, the software development life cycle is characterized by DevOps, and we want to help automate the whole DevOps process.”

Colin Barry is a Staff Writer & Editor at VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter @ColinKrash.
Images courtesy of Perfecto and PAN Communications.