April 19, 2018

ODSC East 2018 - Meet the 11 AI Startups Coming to the XAI Summit

Taking place at the ODSC East event, the Accelerate AI (XAI) conference is a no-code, two-day artificial intelligence conference with 51 workshops and talks geared towards business stakeholders.

I created XAI to help executives, managers, and CxOs understand how AI is disrupting their industries - and what to expect next. In addition to the talks and workshops from world-class speakers like Gary Marcus (former Director of Uber AI Labs), and others from companies like Google, Uber, IBM, Bloomberg, and Visa, there is a startup showcase on May 4th that allows visitors to see what’s next in AI-powered startups.

Below is a preview of those ten startups, with five potential disruptors being highlighted as well! Also, if you are interested in attending the conference, you can receive 40% off your ticket using the code VENTUREFIZZ. Although you might want to sign up do sell out.

Fritz - Pushing AI to the Edge

Fritz is a developer platform that empowers developers to optimize, deploy, manage and analyze machine learning models onto their user’s mobile devices without server-side processing. Fritz sits on top platforms like Core ML and TensorFlow Lite. Fritz has recently gained traction with developers working on computer vision, including image and scene recognition, and object detection. - DataOps Workflow Solutions

DataOps is DevOps for data science and companies;’s middleware tools allow small teams to create DataOps pipelines that can compete with large enterprises. One data scientist with a training pipeline, model, and hosted notebook can quickly expand to hundreds of pipelines and thousands of models. These tools will allow seed stage AI companies to quickly scale after they have a working product. It also allows enterprises to simplify their Spark cluster infrastructure. By providing lots of new middleware options to production AI pipelines, is an indicator of the entire sector maturing.

Datatron - AI Identifying Good Leads

Datatron automates the deployment and monitoring of AI models in business applications.This reduces the headcount and time needed for a team to roll out predictive analytics models. Datatron has designed this lifecycle management tool specifically to scale the number of production models an organization is able to use, without scaling cost. In addition to reducing the time and effort needed to do the least fun part of predictive analytics, users can query key indicators inside their predictive models.

Cellanyx - Discovering New Prostate Cancer Biomarkers

Cellanyx is using predictive analytics and a proprietary of a live-cell microfluidic platform to improve cancer treatment outcomes, by validating clinical decisions and predicting adverse pathology. Cellanyx’s lead test in development is designed to solve two big problems with a prostate cancer diagnosis: the need for surgical intervention in low and intermediate grade prostate cancer patients, and the false negatives created by prostate cancer biopsies. Prostate cancer is very common yet rarely fatal; Cellanyx hopes to improve survival of patients and reduce adverse outcomes by advising clinicians.

Netra - AI for Social Media Image Identification

Netra enables brands to secure rights to UGC, strengthen relationships with influencers, and gain organic insights into customer behavior with its image recognition technology. In addition to a brand health dashboard and powerful research abilities, brands can use the geolocation features to strategize growth. For example, Supreme could see which neighborhoods in East London have the most Instagram posts featuring their streetwear to plan retail expansion.

Cindicator - Hybrid Intelligence for Stock Price Prediction

Cindicator technology analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of both human and artificial intelligence to make predictions about financial instruments, like cryptocurrencies, stocks, futures, and forex. Thousands of predictions are contributed by a large network of dissimilar and decentralized contributors. The Cindicator AI processes the data to create trading signals using different strategy and algorithm-based on big data analytics. This data can be used to automate trading algorithms.

Five Disruptors in a Nutshell

Tengu - DataOps automation for IoT, Machine Learning, and Kubernetes

Tengu allows data scientists to deploy a Spark, Storm, Kubernetes or other Big Data workspace in minutes.

OsmosisAI - Simplified, mass market Vision AI classifier training

OsmosisAI enables enterprise stakeholders to contribute their expertise and train a Vision AI classifier for the business without code.

GoParrot – AI-Powered Online Ordering, Data Capture, and CRM for Restaurants

GoParrot is a turnkey online ordering solution that captures actionable customer data. This allows easy personalization, tailored messaging, and a custom UX for each diner.

WorkAround - Intelligent Outsourcing

WorkAround is like UpWork with an AI layer used to screen candidates by ability and past performance. This saves a lot of time sourcing contractors while improving work quality.

Applecart - Intelligent Social Graph Identifies New Customers and Voters

Applecart’s Social Graph platform creates deep maps to quantify relationships between people, allowing you to target likely customers, voters or advocates. The could look alike audiences by identifying tangential audiences - the friends and family of your existing customers.

Sheamus McGovern is the Founder and CEO of the Open Data Science Conference. You can follow the event here @odsc