February 7, 2018

Online Shopping is Available Everywhere! - MITX eCommerce Summit Recap (Slideshow)

Boston is home to many different tech sectors, and eCommerce is no different. We live in a day and age where if there is anything you want to buy, you can at the push of a button on your smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. Companies are taking advantage of the technology and are creating unique ways to keep customers coming back to their websites.

The Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX) hosted their annual eCommerce Summit at Wayfair’s headquarters in Copley Square. The day was scheduled with over ten panels that featured experts and veterans in the eCommerce space. Some of the guests included Wayfair Chief Product & Marketing Officer Ed Macri, Vistaprint CEO Trynka Shineman, Boxed CMO Jackson Jeyanayagam, ASCICS GM & Runkeeper CEO Dan Smith, and Evergage Customer Success Director Logan Goulett, among others.

Topics included how to remain relevant in an Amazon-dominated market, to how important social media influencers are to an eCommerce business, to how to transfer from being an eCommerce platform to having a physical store, to how artificial intelligence is going to play a role in the space.

It was an eye-opening and engaging event for those with an interest in the space and VentureFizz had a chance to attend it. Check out our recap in the slideshow below!